My Horses

Body Weight:
318 KG (700 LB)
Body Condition:
Slightly Overweight
Physiological Status:
Est. Mature Weight:
600 KG
Est. Growth Rate:
0.4001 kg/day
Work Load:
Special Care Needs:
Metabolic Syndrome, Hoof


Hello, Thank you for providing this service. I am always open to seeing what I can do improve the long-term health of my horse. I have had Ana since she was 4 months old. She was wormy when I first got her and had very poor hoof and coat quality. She now has a negative fecal count (last done in February 2022), her coat is shiny, and the soles of her hooves are rock hard. Her hind frogs can be a little better but her front frogs are wide and strong now. She used to not want to run but now she does happily. To get her to gain weight after the wormy episode, I gave her free choice hay in a 1.75" hay chix hay net. She gained weight but then she became a little to big. I do not have a diagnosis of metabolic problems with her. The vet actually thought she looked fine in February 2022 but I have mostly owned TBs and Warmbloods and have heard that Andalusians are prone to metabolic/IR issues so I am treating her as if she has that diagnosis to be safe. She has lost some weight and does not have the fat deposits she used to and has more energy. The picture I attached is from yesterday. The only concerning issue I have with her is that she drinks a lot of water at a time. About 3-4 gallons is one sitting and she drinks many times during the day. She can drink about 15-20 gallons a day. It is very hot here in Norco, CA and humid compared to the rest of Socal but she did this in winter too. Maybe slightly less. She is at the trough for about 3-5 minutes I'd say drinking. Her pee is clear/pale yellow and she is in great spirits but I wonder if she's getting to much protein, sugar, etc. I have her on 1.5 lbs. Triple crown ration balancer because it had the best analysis I could find at the time (didn't know of your website or products), 4 oz. Triple crown flax since she is not grazing pasture, 1 oz. CA trace powder (NOT plus) to help with her hoof quality, 1-2 oz. loose redmond salt all mixed up with 2 pounds of Standlee Alfalfa Timothy cubes soaked in water. She also has access to a plain white salt block and about 5 pounds Bermuda grass and 10 pounds Teff hay as I'm trying to find the lowest sugar hays possible without testing since no feed stores around me test hay and I only get a few at a time since I don't have much storage space on my property. Thanks again and any feedback will be welcome. Brittany Ratcliff

Current Diet

Forage Type:
Forage Intake:
In Hay Net
Feed, Forage & Supplements
Per Day
1 LB (0.45 KG)
4 OZ (0.1134 KG)
1 OZ (0.0283 KG)
1 OZ (0.0283 KG)
5 LB (2.27 KG)
10 LB (4.54 KG)
2 LB (0.91 KG)