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Boomerang Dun It
Body Weight:
408 KG (900 LB)
Body Condition:
Normal Weight
Quarter Horse
Physiological Status:
Est. Mature Weight:
500 KG
Est. Growth Rate:
0.0192 kg/day
Work Load:


Still intact, but have not used this breeding season. Started light work, but seemed a bit lethargic and overly sensitive. Not worked past two months and now is showing enhanced bony growth on forehead. Has always had a bit of a ' big head' but never suspected anything. He does seem a little lose in his stifles than I had noticed previously and just off balance. Went from beautiful rollbacks last year to not completing a turn and missing steps regularly. Changed from steamed crimped to steam rolled groats about four months ago. Added the Tribute Essential K about six months ago for added nutrients and protein. We are visiting the vet this coming week, but wanted to know what nutrient values our feeding regimen provides. His feed is wetted down and soaked a few minutes before feeding. Also gets a handful of Chaffeye in with feed. He currently gets a brome fescue mix for past month, but had been getting pure brome or brome / orchard grass mix. Also have 26 other horses on this diet in the same ratio. Some get more, but ratio stays the same. Thanks for any input. Liz

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