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K1Z 7J6
Body Weight:
635 KG (1400 LB)
Body Condition:
Slightly Underweight
Physiological Status:
Exercise Level:
Special Care Needs:
Digestion, Hoof, Joint, Topline


Hello, Im writing again for help with my feed for my mare Chica. She lost some weight over winter, and I have been working on slowly putting that weight back on. I was hoping for any feed suggestions available to my area to help her gain and maintain an ideal weight. The phot I included is from days ago, and also shows that her topline hasn't been maintained, as I didn't ride or exercise her much while I finished my degree. I am slowly working on bringing her back into work, focusing right now on walk poles, walk cavalettis, backing up, hacks on hilly terrain, and some trot sets. She is also showing us some signs of potential arthritis, as she is now 17 and had a competitive show career in the jumpers. She has full access to free-choice hay, but limited pasture, and unfortunately is a very picky eater, so I am also interested in suggestions for improving palatability. In the future I will switch to omneity pellets, but for the meantime I purchased a 25 KG bag and would love to use it first and have my mare actually eat it! Her beet pulp is soaked. Her coat health is really beautiful and her hooves are looking good, but could be harder according to our farrier. We are using keratex for this purpose, but will omneity also help improve her hoof hardness in time? Thank you so much again, you have helped me a few times! Brianna Tokrud

Current Diet

Forage Type:
Forage Intake:
Feed, Forage & Supplements
Per Day
40 G
80 G
256 G
256 G
128 G