My Horses

Body Weight:
454 KG (1000 LB)
Body Condition:
Normal Weight
Physiological Status:
Exercise Level:
Special Care Needs:
Metabolic Syndrome, Joint, Topline


Danny's feet have always been an issue from years of neglect prior to my ownership. He was picked up by a rescue and had slipper feet. Always has underrun heels and long toes, thin soles. Numerous farriers and trimmers have struggled with getting his foot back under him. He has had various composite shoes throughout the years to keep comfortable. Always a very picky eater and struggled getting him to eat beet pulp, pellets, etc. Fall of 2021 he was diagnosed with PPID, insulin not involved. Prescribed dose of Pracend took him completely off his feed. Currently he is on .5 tablet, any more effects his eating. He gets Triple Crown Senior Gold (i didn't see it on your list of feeds) @ 3 lbs a day as carrier for forage and Cal Trace. In addition to what i submitted, he also gets .5 lbs/day of soaked and well-rinsed beet pulp, i don't remember if i included this in the list. The last cycle of glue on Easycare Love Child shoes was removed and instead of his hoof looking healthier, they looked so flat with a hoof angle change halfway down the wall. My trimmer consulted with her mentor and she suggested that the horse could be dealing with iron overload and to get a ferritin test. I'm not certain where the excess iron would be coming from unless its the hay. Horse is boarded and so-so quality hay from various dealers. He is out on pasture about 12-14 hours a day. Pasture is sparse and fading due to the heat and lack of rain. Danny is a chestnut and has a shinny coat, bright eyes. He needs more topline and i try to exercise him, both mounted and groundwork, to focus on this area. My trimmer is also the hay supplier for the barn. She does test her hay and is working on finding the results.

Current Diet

Forage Type:
Pasture + Hay
Forage Intake:
Feed, Forage & Supplements
Per Day
5 LB (2.27 KG)
4 OZ (0.1134 KG)
1.5 LB (0.68 KG)
2 OZ (0.0567 KG)
3 LB (1.36 KG)
5 LB (2.27 KG)