My Horses

Body Weight:
1100 KG (2425 LB)
Body Condition:
Slightly Overweight
Rocky Mountain
Physiological Status:
Exercise Level:
Special Care Needs:
Metabolic Syndrome, Joint, Respiratory, Weight Issues


Deva has hock arthritis and sidebone in her left front. She falls out of balance when being ridden downhill. Her hocks have been injected with steroids (last fall) and this helped a lot. Her sidebone is being re-evaluated on July 7. She is an easy keeper and puts on weight quickly--but she also loses it quickly when put into work and especially when traveling in the mountains and living on only wild, native grass. She lives on hilly, rocky terrain and is drylotted from April through June. The rest of the time she is on a paddock paradise track system on 2-3 acres that is mostly bare and on a hililside. She is on free access straight grass hay year round in 3/4" hole hay nets scattered around the track and one in her stall when dry lotted. Her hay is less than 10% NSC. She eats about 25# of hay per day and has 1 lb of defatted dehulled soybean meal plus K.I.S. Trace minerals mixed in soaked teff hay pellets, once a day. She gets alfalfa berry treats when I ride her, just a few for a thank you, made by Standlee. She also gets a TB of mag oxide with her other minerals, though I have run out recently, and a TB of iodized table salt (again have recently run out). She has free choice Himalayan salt, loose, in a feeder attached to the wall of her stall. Her water has been tested and has no iron in it. She uses an indoor auto waterer that is heated in winter. She is free to roam 24/7, except when dry lotted. The dry lot is quite large, rocky, and also on a hillside. She has always been barefoot, but has a history of thin soles so i use padded Easy Care boots for riding. She is calm and has excellent manners, and the only times we have had issues trail riding is when she has had arthritis pain. I am no longer taking her on very rugged rides, but she does love them! We have a very harmoniuous relationship. Currently she is allowed out on mature pasture with seedheads for 1.5 hours early every morning.

Current Diet

Forage Type:
Forage Intake:
In Hay Net
Feed, Forage & Supplements
Per Day
1 LB (0.45 KG)