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T4A 0C7
Body Weight:
544 KG (1200 LB)
Body Condition:
Normal Weight
Quarter Horse
Physiological Status:
Exercise Level:
Very Heavy


the following list are the other things he is on but there was no option for them on the previous page - Redmond crushed rock salt 2OZ - equiGLO milled flax 100G - 50:50 Timothy/alfafa ALFATEC hay cubes 4QTs for hay he gets about 15lbs of each of the two different hays. I had a diet evaluation done a few months back and you guys had me put him on a few things to balance his diet so now that I have him on everything I wanted to double check and make sure that everything is all balanced now. He is in pretty heavy work I find he is in very good shape and condition but he is a hard keeper, also on the day that I work him I give him one extra QT of hay cubes, 0.25oz of salt and, an extra 1/2 cup of flax to help keep his weight on. right now he is at a decent weight but I just have to keep a close eye on him to make sure he is getting enough feed as I do not want him dropping anymore weight as when he starts to lose weight I notice it in the sides of his ribs his hips and his toppling the muscles is all there still but it just appears to lose volume in those areas. I used to have him on probiotics just to help prevent stomach problems as he has has ulcers before when I first got him and being a horse that gets worked lots and is definitely on the more energetic side I like to have a prevention on board instead of waiting till a problem happens he is currently on the visceral+ and I plan on keeping him on it but I am also wondering if you could give to some more info on the probiotic you guys sell with the purple layble. what are the pros to it? are there any cons? would a horse become dependent on a probiotic and not be able to make there own probiotics sorta spreak? thank you in advance look forward to hearing back from you and sorry for the long message I think I covered all my questions and concerns haha.

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120 G
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