My Horses

Body Weight:
900 KG (1984 LB)
Body Condition:
Slightly Underweight
Physiological Status:
Maintenance Level:
Special Care Needs:
Metabolic Syndrome, Hoof, Weight Issues, Topline


Roman foundered with insulin levels over 200 last august. He is now on a dry lot, being fed prairie grass hay with NSC under 10% free choice (barn manager estimates he’s eating 6 flakes a day) and getting two big scoops of soaked Timothy pellets (maybe 2 lbs total?) and 1/3 cup of WellSolve topped with DAC or Comega oil twice a day. I feel like he’s getting too much food if we measure by weight of forage and feed but is still skinny. He gets two scoops of Remission supplement and one scoop of InsulinWise supplement daily. He has access to two salt licks and his meals are salted as well. On this diet, his insulin levels are back to normal, but he is still so so hungry and has low body condition. He is not being exercised due to time off while recovering from founder (he’s almost back to normal!!). His poop has also been more dry than I am comfortable with. He is my first horse and I have had him for two years. I have been going off my barn managers feeding recommendations, and honestly I’m not sure we are giving him what he needs to be successful. I feel like he is getting way too much fiber and still not enough fat. However, I do feel that free feeding hay has significantly lowered his anxiety which has in turn made him calmer and happier. I would love to simplify his diet while maintaining safe NSC levels.

Current Diet

Forage Type:
Forage Intake:
Feed, Forage & Supplements
Per Day
1 LB (0.45 KG)
2 LB (0.91 KG)
4 KG
2 G