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Body Weight:
454 KG (1000 LB)
Body Condition:
Slightly Overweight
Paso Fino
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Weight Issues


Hello and thank you for your time. The vet said that Toledo is overweight, and she has concerns that he could become Insulin Resistant in the future. He was on Tribute Wholesome blends ration balancer at 1 pound per day. He was hyperactive on that feed and has since become very calm upon switching to Tribute Kalm and EZ SOY FREE. I am wanting to start him on madbarn's Amino Trace Plus. I'm just not sure how to make the switch. Right now, I know that he isn't getting the recommended amount of Tribute to meet daily vitamin recommendations but because of his weight I was reluctant to feed a higher amount. He is on pasture about 6 hours per day and then gets about 12-15 lbs of fescue/kentucky blue grass mix that is grown is harvested from our proprerty in North Carolina. I's currently offered in a hay net but I'm going to switch to smaller holes to slow him down on it. Since switching to the Kalm and EZ feed (about 5 weeks ago) his color is bleaching out a bit also. One more question, when I look at the smart pak website they have supplements in their colicare program that are used to prevent colic. Would Amino Trace Plus daily use also help prevent colic? Thank you very much for your help. Toleo is about 14.2 hands, I think he probably weighs about 950lbs but I need to tape him.

Current Diet

Forage Type:
Pasture + Hay
Forage Intake:
In Hay Net
Feed, Forage & Supplements
Per Day
1 LB (0.45 KG)