Vitamin B12 Supplement

/Vitamin B12 Supplement

Vitamin B12 Supplement - Feed Ingredient

The following equine feeds, supplements and products contain Vitamin B12 Supplement as an ingredient.

120-6 Horse Pellet (Bartlett Milling), , ,
14% Performance Formula (Triple Crown), ,
14% Racing Formula (Triple Crown), ,
3 Wire Horse (Hay & Grain) Pellets (Kelley’s Feed),
30% Ration Balancer (Triple Crown), , , ,
Alfalfa Bermuda Hay Pellets (Ace Hi Feeds),
Alfalfa Hay & Grain Pellets (Ace Hi Feeds),
Alfalfa Hay Pellets (Ace Hi Feeds),
Alfalfa Hay Pellets (Kelley’s Feed),
Alfalfa-Oat Hay Pellets (Ace Hi Feeds),
Alfalfa/Bermuda Hay Pellets (Star Milling Co),
Alfalfa/Oat Hay Pellets (Kelley’s Feed),
All Grain (Seminole), ,
All Phase 20 – Pelleted (Brooks), , ,
All-Phase Balancer Formula (Bartlett Milling), ,
Apple Smacks Horse Treats (Star Milling Co),
Balancer Gold (Triple Crown), , ,
Blue Ribbon 12+ (Seminole), ,
Blue Ribbon High Efficiency (Seminole), ,
Breeding and Growth Formula (Bartlett Milling), ,
Complete (Triple Crown), , ,
Complete Horse 12 (Manna Pro),
Complete Horse Pellet (Ace Hi Feeds),
Complete Horse Pellets w/ Roughage (Bartlett Milling), , ,
Decade Challenger – Super Bites (Poulin Grain),
Decade Challenger (Poulin Grain),
Decade Complete Diet (Poulin Grain),
Decade Endurance Sport (Poulin Grain),
Decade Race Formula (Poulin Grain),
Decade Sprint Extreme (Poulin Grain),
Decade Stable Sweet Tradition (Poulin Grain),
E-TEC One (Poulin Grain),
E-TEC Senior Low Carb (Poulin Grain),
Eeze Pro-Plus (Brooks Feeds), , ,
Equalizer (Seminole), , ,
Equi-Ferm XL (Tribute), ,
EQUI-PRO East Coast Race (Poulin Grain),
EQUI-PRO Mare & Foal (Poulin Grain),
EQUI-PRO PerforMAX (Poulin Grain),
EQUI-PRO Premium Senior (Poulin Grain),
EQUI-PRO ProMax (Poulin Grain),
Equilene Complete (Bluebonnet Feeds),
Equilene Pelleted (Bluebonnet Feeds),
Equilene Pro Care (Bluebonnet Feeds),
Equilene Textured (Bluebonnet Feeds),
Equilene Track Master Ultra Fat (Bluebonnet Feeds),
Equine Aged/Adult Diet (Ace Hi Feeds),
Exacta 10 (Seminole), ,
Exacta 12 (Seminole), ,
Exacta 14 (Seminole), , ,
Fibre O Plus (Brooks Feeds), ,
Fit & Fibre (Brooks Feeds), ,
Foal Balancer Milk Pellets (Seminole), , ,
Gold Chance 10 (Seminole) – [Discontinued], , ,
Gold Chance 12+ (Seminole) – [Discontinued], ,
Golden Age – Senior Horse Ration (Kelley’s Feed),
Good n Sound (West Feeds, Inc),
Grade A Ultra 24 Milk Replacer (Sav-A-Caf),
GROSTRONG Minerals (ADM Animal Nutrition), ,
Growth (Triple Crown), ,
Hay Replacer Pellets (Kelley’s Feed),
Hi-E 11:10 Horse Pellet (Bartlett Milling), , ,
High Country Sweet (Kelley’s Feed),
High Energy 11:8 Sweet Horse (Bartlett Milling), , ,
Horse Maintenance Formula (Bartlett Milling), ,
Horse Munch (Bartlett Milling), ,
Horse Pellet 110 Plus (Bartlett Milling), , ,
Inspire Strider (Blue Seal), ,
Integrity Adult/Senior (Integrity Horse Feeds), ,
Integrity Growth (Integrity Horse Feeds), ,
Integrity Lite (Integrity Horse Feeds), ,
Integrity Mare & Foal (Integrity Horse Feeds), ,
Integrity Performance (Integrity Horse Feeds), ,
Integrity with Timothy (Integrity Horse Feed), , ,
Intensify Ex-Factor Low Starch (Bluebonnet Feeds),
Intensify Omega Force (Bluebonnet Feeds),
Intensify Pelleted (Bluebonnet Feeds),
Intensify Senior Therapy (Bluebonnet Feeds),
Intensify Total Advantage (Bluebonnet Feeds),
Junior Horse (Ace Hi Feeds),
Junior Horse (Kelley’s Feed),
Kalm N EZ GC Plus (Tribute), ,
Kalm N EZ Pellets (non-GMO) (Tribute), , ,
Kalm N EZ Pellets (Tribute), , ,
Kalm N EZ Textured (Tribute), , ,
Leisure (Seminole) – [Discontinued], ,
Lite (Triple Crown), , ,
Low Starch (Triple Crown), ,
Mare & Foal (Ace Hi Feeds),
Mare & Foal (Kelley’s Feed),
Mare & Foal (Seminole), ,
Mare’s Milk Plus (Buckeye), ,
Min-A-Vite (Blue Seal), ,
Natural Blend Performance (Bluebonnet Feeds),
Naturals Pelleted Horse Feed (Triple Crown), , ,
Oat Base (No Corn) (Ace Hi Feeds),
OBS Pellet Plus (Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply), , ,
Opti-Ferm Horse Tub (ClariFly) (Kalmbach Feeds),
Osceola 10 (Seminole), ,
Osceola 12 (Seminole), ,
Osceola 14 (Seminole), ,
Pasture Horse 10 (Bartlett Milling), ,
Pasture Horse 12 (Bartlett Milling), ,
Patriot Performance Horse Feed (ADM Animal Nutrition), ,
Perform Gold (Triple Crown), ,
Perform Safe (Seminole), ,
Performance Pellets Formula (Bartlett Milling), , ,
Performance Pellets Gold Formula (Bartlett Milling), , ,
Performance Plus 606 Pellets (Ace Hi Feeds),
Performance Plus Complete (Bluebonnet Feeds),
Phase II (Brooks Feeds), ,
Phase III Elite (Brooks Feeds), ,
Phase V (Brooks Feeds), ,
Plantation 10 All-Grain (Seminole), ,
Pro-Plus 12 Sweet (Seminole), , ,
ProAdvantage – Alfalfa Formula (Progressive Nutrition),
ProAdvantage – Grass Formula (Progressive Nutrition),
Profecta 10 (Seminole), ,
Profecta 12 (Seminole), ,
Profecta 14 (Seminole), ,
Quitt Chew Stop Pellets (Farnam),
Safe Starch Forage (Triple Crown), ,
Senior (Triple Crown), ,
Senior Formula (Bartlett Milling), ,
Senior Formula (Seminole), ,
Senior Gold (Triple Crown), ,
Senior Sport (Tribute Equine Nutrition), ,
Sentinel Performance LS (Blue Seal), ,
Show Formula (Seminole), ,
Steady Energy Formula (Bartlett Milling), ,
SUPREME™ 14 Pelleted Feed (BUCKEYE Nutrition), , ,
Sweet Pellet (Seminole), , , ,
Trail Mate Sweet Formula (Bartlett Milling), , ,
Training Formula (Triple Crown), ,
Trifecta (Buckeye), ,
Ultra Dynamix (Seminole), ,
UltraCruz Equine Iron Charge Plus (Santa Cruz Animal Health),
UltraCruz Equine Skin and Coat Supplement (Santa Cruz Animal Health),
UltraCruz Equine Vitamin B-12 (Santa Cruz Animal Health),
UltraCruz Equine Wellness Performance Supplement (Santa Cruz Animal Health),
Victory! (Seminole), ,
Wellness Calm & Cool® (Seminole), , ,
Wellness Compete Safe (Seminole), ,
Wellness DynaSport (Seminole), ,
Wellness Equi-Safe (Seminole), ,
Wellness Grow Right (Seminole), ,
Wellness Herbal Blend (Seminole), ,
Wellness Safe & Lite (Seminole), , ,
Wellness Senior Mix (Seminole), ,
Wellness Show & Sport (Seminole), ,
Wellness SportHorse (Seminole), ,
Wholesome Blends Performance (Tribute), ,
Wholesome Blends Senior (Tribute), ,
Wholesome Blends™ Balancer (Tribute Equine Nutrition), ,
Xcelerace (Seminole), ,


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