Scott Cieslar - Horse NutritionistWelcome to Mad Barn. We’re a different sort of company.

On the exterior, we may look like a lot of other supplement companies out there, but let us assure you, we are not.

Our primary purpose is not to convince you to buy a product, it’s to deepen our understanding of equine nutrition and physiology and then share that information with you.

We aim to improve the well being of your horse by providing Crazy Good Nutrition at a fair price. The horse is an integral part of human history – don’t we owe them the very best?

Scott Cieslar
Confused about where to begin? This guide is here to help!

Want personalized recommendations on the right feeding program for your horse? Submit your horse’s diet for analysis online and one of our equine nutritionists will provide a complementary review.


Our CORE line-up of Mad Barn products are designed to provide optimal daily nutrition for your horse and cover their mineral and vitamin requirements.

Choose between our best-selling Omneity Premix (in powder form) or Omneity Pellets containing 100% organic trace minerals, B-vitamins, digestive enzymes and active yeast cultures.

For horses with metabolic needs, opt for AminoTrace+ which brings mineral ratios into the correct balance to support normal insulin regulation.



We offer three GUT formulas to improve your horse’s health from the inside out. Addressing imbalances in your horse’s microbiome can go a long way in supporting nutrient absorption and alleviating gastrointestinal complaints.

For performance horses and equines that need extra support, our clinically-tested Visceral+ supplement is shown to work.

If you’re looking to maintain digestive health, consider our Optimum Digestive Health Pellets. Or check out our Optimum Probiotic for a low-cost high-CFU equine probiotic.



Our PLUS products can be added to any horse’s diet to enhance their performance and well-being.

Our Performance XL: Electrolytes is scientifically formulated to replace exactly what the horse loses through sweat, supporting hydration status and workout recovery.

Our W-3 Oil is a palatable source of Omega-3 fatty acids to support joint health and skin and coat condition.


Our PRO products are targeted solutions to address precise nutritional needs of horses who require additional attention. From our IR Supplement antioxidant to our Natural E/Organic Se pellets for selenium-deficient horses, these concentrated formulas deliver powerful results.


We provide a wide range of pure INGREDIENTS for the equine owner who wants complete control over their horse’s feeding program. Need something specific to balance your horse’s diet or support their health? Look no further.