Britney Hensman

/Britney Hensman
Britney Hensman
Phoenix Equestrian Team
May 18, 2018

I’ve been using Mad Barn for about a year now. Started my 14 year old TB on Visceral+ and noticed a huge improvement. After a few months switched him to their Optimum Digestive Health Pellets. He’s done amazing on both products. Recently he’s shown signs of hind gut ulcers again and have just put him back on Visceral+. This is the only product that seems to truly treat Hind Gut Ulcers.

I love that the company realized the Visceral+ pellets tested in competition due to the chamomile ingredient. This company is so amazing they removed this one ingredient so that customers didn’t have to switch to the paste a few days before competition. A company that listens is amazing. Their customer service is astounding, quick and helpful. Their shipping is also just as amazing. Usually my order is in my hands within a day or two. I absolutely love this company and am happy to continue purchasing from them.

Recommended Products:

Optimum Digestive Health Pellets
For the ultimate in digestive health. Balance the microflora and prevent digestive upsets. In "uber palatable" pellets
Mad Barn Visceral+
Don't let ulcers affect your horses performance and well being. Get Visceral+! To maintain stomach and hindgut health. Supports the function of the immune system

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