November 4, 2019

Sully is a 3 yr old Appaloosa Gelding that I brought up from Texas in the summer of his weanling year. When he arrived he had a thick course terrible coat that really concerned me. No amount of grooming or good diet of “commercial” junior feed was helping. Then we noticed he was going bald and started scratching on anything and everything. We did blood test, skin scraping, skin biopsy and all was fine. We finally narrowed it down to a soy allergy and my vet wanted him off any commercial feed right away. We switched him over to oats and within a couple days he stopped itching. With Sully being a baby I knew he needed more nutritional support than what just hay and oats would give so that’s when the hunt for a soy free Vit/mineral began. My search quickly lead to Mad Barn Omneity. Sully has been on it for almost 3 years now and I couldn’t be happier. His coat is amazing, super shiny and soft. His feet get constant compliments from my farrier as well. He matured beautifully without any growth issues at all. I recommend this product to everyone! Omneity will always be a part Sully’s feed program.

Recommended Products:

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