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Christina Young
Christina Young
Winchester, ON
November 4, 2019

I bought Shade a couple of years ago after working with her for a friend. They had had a terrible wreck together and both had their confidence shattered. After that incident the two just couldn’t seem to connect. My friend was justifiably afraid of another potential serious injury, and Shade was afraid of well, just about everything.

Sadly a scared horse and a scared rider do not make a good team, and so I was asked to work with her.

I rode and competed her for a year before her owner asked if I’d take her. I was in love by that time, and we were making real progress, so of course I brought her home. We’ve been competing steadily ever since.
Last Winter, Shade kicked her shelter wall and got her hoof caught up in the tin.

When I first saw it, it looked as though someone had taken a machete to her hoof, just below the cornet band! The “slice” went halfway across the front of her hoof from the lateral side and went full thickness, stopping (we discovered later) just short of hitting the white line and lamina. I thought our season was shot. I wish I had pictures, but I don’t bring my phone outside much in the Winter here. (It’s enough just to get chores done, never mind stopping for a pic!)

Anyway, to keep this from going way too long, I put Shade on Mad Barn’s Omniety. I was thinking of making the shift anyway, as I’d been researching the products and found them to be really well made, and Scott to be a brilliant nutritionist. I was looking for full body benefits, but in particular I was looking for something that would help Shade to grow her hoof out as strong and as fast as possible.

On Omniety, she was able to grow her hoof from cornet band to the ground, in about 9 months. Because of this, she was able to continue to train, and we were able to salvage the latter half of our competition season.
My farrier is also brilliant and was able to provide good support for the damaged hoof. She is blown away and how fast and strong Shade’s hoof grew out as well.

We’re getting ready for our first 50 mile ride early next season, and Mad Barn will continue to be a part of her nutrition program. In fact, all of my horses in work are now on Omniety; and my competition horses get Visceral and Performance XL Electrolytes before, during and after all rides to protect their guts and keep them hydrated.

Thank you Scott and Mad Barn for all you’ve done for my horses!


Christina Young

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