Claudia Iannuccilli
Head coach at CI Eventing/Concours Complet
Lachute, Quebec
November 26, 2017
Products Used:
OmneityVisceral+w-3 Oil

Pony Profile Time!😀

So I have had quite a few people ask me about how I keep my horses and so I thought this could be something fun to post and possibly interesting for others.

I’ll start with my true gentleman, Reagan aka Campaigning❤️🐎
2009 OTTB, 16.1h

Expert cribber, will eat ANYTHING, very easy going personality, prone to impaction colics(Ulcer flareups make him go off his water), gains weight easily but loses it just as easily, the sweetest horse you will EVER meet.☺️

Turn-out: All day, 8-9 in summer. In winter 8-8 or earlier if weather is gross. *Reagan comes in over night so we can monitor his water intake very closely.

Feeding: 9 flakes spread out over 3 feedings, summer when grazing is at its best 6 flakes
*hay consists of half 1st and half 2nd cut. And grazing as much as he wants.

“Grain”: Omniety Vit/min supplement by MadBarn, Visceral by Mad Barn(this is to keep his ulcers at bay), Mad Barn oil
Summer-2 cups flax and 1 cup oil is added to his diet, he was showing at Preliminary level eventing.
*when travelling and at shows his Visceral is doubled.

In winter his shoes are removed and I let him get all furry just to give him a little down time. I hack out quite a bit more in winter so the furry coat keeps
him nice and cozy.❄️🐴❄️

Stay tuned to see who’s next???😀



Super happy with his weight, it has never been this good. His cribbing is pretty much non existent and his feet look amazing. Pulled his shoes and they have held up and he was sound to ride the same day. He has struggled with poor feet since I got him 4yrs ago. The Omniety is a huge factor for his improved hoof health as well as reg. and consistent excellent hoof care.😊

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