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/Élisabeth Liz Lombart
Élisabeth Liz Lombart
Instructor at Dragon Rider Coaching
Vaudreuil, Quebec
June 6, 2017
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Omneity P

Hi, i would like to share here my horse story.

he was given to me in February 2016 because of his persisting lameness. after a few month of turn out (he had been in stall rest for the last 2 year) and a weight loss) his lameness was a better but not cured. so we got xray done to know the reason of the lameness since the previous owner was not able to explain it to us when the horse was given.

see my shared post for the radio.

the horse was then diagnosed with a ostéitis of the 3rd phalanges. the vet was not optimistic aboit it but when he saw my sorrow he said that maybe a mineral reinforcement would help the tissues regenerate. So i had heard a lot of good about MadBarn and their supplements are and were the most complete i could find without driving for hours to go get them.

in August we started him on the omeneity.

recently he stayed sound even with some riding walk trot canter so i decided i would insure that he was also doing good inside that foot.
if you look at the 2nd xray you can see the bones density is clearly higher. the only change in this horse life was turnout and the omeneity supplement.

so I THANK YOU MADBARN AND SCOTT for this my horse is now not only confortable but sound again. nutrition is key of many problem.
i also thank my vet and farrier for helping me find ways to help my horse.

Premier Radio: 2016 Osteite de la 3 ieme phalange boiterie

2 ieme Radio 2017 11 mois après et 10 mois après début de Omneity offert par MadBarn Inc. au lieu des minéraux dans les moulées. pu de boiterie
La densité osseuse n’est déjà plus la même.

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