Hester Pacheco
Hester Pacheco
Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
February 3, 2023
Products Used:
Optimum Probioticw-3 Oil

Hi there, I wanted to share a recent photo of my girl Blaze. It is not the greatest quality picture and was taken from quite far away but from a distance I was struck by how stunning she looked in the evening light. She is 20 years young and will be 21 in April 2023. I have had Blaze on Probiotic, w-3 oil and MSM consistently over the past year. I believe the picture speaks for itself and how she is looking younger as each year passes. She struggles with on and off lameness due to conformation. She is who she is. It has been a long haul, with ups and downs, trials of lots of different options. Along with great farrier advice, lots of TLC and great nutrition, she is the best she can be. I sincerely believe your products have helped bring her to this point. She is comfortable and although retired, seeing her walk without pain, jog and on occasion, galop like a happy 2 year old, has been the most rewarding experience and fills my heart. She is my first horse, my heart horse, my forever horse.


Hester Pacheco

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