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Sherry Gatten
London, ON
July 3, 2021
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Hello Scott and all at Mad Barn!

Several of us started our horses on Omneity in January and are just starting to see some results. I wanted to show you what their hooves both look like and ask if you have seen this before. One (the first pic) is a 20 year old Rocky Mountain and the other is my 18 year old Icelandic (2nd pic)

The periople on both horses show quite a difference. Would this be like “before and after:? Or is this just a seasonal change? We were curious. I know it doesn’t harm anything but gosh so interesting!

Sherry Gatten & Nancy Drew (yup that’s her real name!)

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Here is an update for you.

These are just from my Icelandic as I couldn’t get pics of the Kentucky mountain gelding that I had sent in the original email. Pretty sure the scaly part is just seasonal but we started the minerals in late December/early January. I couldn’t pin-point the exact date.

My Icelandic has thin soles and as you can see slightly under-run heels but has only been barefoot for just over 2 years of his 18 years. I can see some pretty tight growth now coming from the top so that’s excellent!

I think we can see where the minerals were started and the scaly parts are just shedding off.

Sherry Gatten 2 Sherry Gatten 1

I trim my horse’s feet and also for some friends who are just starting to feed Mad Barn (Omneity) I’m really excited to see how this will help their hooves. One is a 23 year old Appendix who just cannot maintain a good hoof.

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