About Kirah McCafferty, DipAgr

Kirah is an avid horse owner, rider, and lover who enjoys working closely with various types of horses.Kirah's journey with horses began at a young age when her family owned racehorses, and she grew up surrounded by these majestic animals. Over the years, Kirah's passion has led her to focus on rescuing horses, nursing them back to health, and starting them under the saddle. While her home base is now Calgary, Alberta, she has spent a significant part of her life in Langley, BC, and both places hold a special place in her heart. Kirah spent many years competing throughout Canada and the US in 3-day eventing. Recently, she has also spent time riding on cattle ranches and enjoying western disciplines. With her profound love for horses, Kirah brings a wealth of knowledge and genuine enthusiasm to our team. She is always eager to assist you in providing the best care and nutrition advice for your equine companions.