The Mad Barn Philosophy

Mad Barn Horse Nutrition ProductsNutrition is the cornerstone to equine health, wellbeing and optimal performance. A single nutrient in deficit or excess can lead to reduced performance and possibly disease in your horse.

At Mad Barn we simplify your feeding program and focus on the three pillars:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Gut Health
  3. Performance

Our comprehensive approach to feeding your equine companion and athlete is focused on providing the nutrients your horse needs while nourishing the microbiome. This will help reduce cost, increase performance and ultimately improve the well-being of your horse.

Some equine issues require extra attention, and Mad Barn makes it easy to address these through diet. Pre-packaged for simple use, our Special Care Formulas are ready to add to existing feed to give your horse the boost needed to improve specific points of concern.

Completely customized supplement formulas for your horse are available by contacting Mad Barn today.

About Our Founder

Scott Cieslar - Horse NutritionistMad Barn’s founder, Scott Cieslar has 20+ years as a professional nutritionist, having earned a Master’s of Science in Physiology and Nutrition, and he is currently completing his Ph.D. at The University of Guelph in Canada.

Scott has nutrition down to a science, but he’s not just book smart; he’s got horse sense too.

I did not start out with the intent to sell equine nutrition products, instead formulated the mineral and vitamin premix because I wanted the best nutrition for my own horses. It wasn’t that there was a shortage of options in the market place, but it seemed that the well formulated products were prohibitively expensive or used ingredients I did not want to feed. It was also difficult to find a complete mineral and vitamin premix.

The myriad of supplements on the market are often formulated to target an ailment and therefore would have very high levels of a few nutrients and be completely devoid of others, which simply creates imbalances in the diet and leads to other issues.

The solution, formulate my own completely balanced mineral and vitamin premix. Seeing the improvement in condition and performance of the horses in my care, naturally, people asked what I was feeding. They started purchasing my formula and from there a business was born.

I want to thank all those that have supported me through the years and look forward to the journey ahead. I hope that you find the new website a great resource for all things relating to equine nutrition and come back to visit us often.

Scott Cieslar
Mad Barn Horse Feed Supplements

Because Scott’s an animal lover—and more specifically, a horse lover just like you—he wanted to take what he’s learned and apply it to something incredible. He’s seen firsthand how the life of a horse can change because of diet (and he knows those changes impact a caring owner too).

Perhaps best of all, Scott doesn’t want to keep all those facts, figures and details about horses to himself. He’s eager to share his library of goodies with anyone who’s interested.

So if you want to see more about the science behind Mad Barn nutrition or the other horse info Scott has uncovered over the years, just check out our extensive Horse Nutrition Resource Section.

We’re happy you found Mad Barn… come back anytime!