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Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
July 13, 2022
Products Used:
Omneityw-3 Oil

My heart horse, who kept me sane through vet school and has been my anchor throughout my career, has been transformed since I switched to your products. He’s now 21, but since starting MadBarn 2 months ago, he’s going on 10. I always told my clients to give their horse 3 months on a product before deciding how well it works, so I can’t wait to see what the next month brings!

Whiskey was having problems with maintaining his Vitamin E levels, despite increasingly aggressive supplementation with products that had worked for him in the past. It stopped working, so I started him on w-3 oil and omneity pellets. I also gave him a water solvable Vit E supplement and an injection of E/Se during his critical time (his lowest Vit E test was 99ug/dl). He is almost back to the low end of normal one month after starting treatment!

He wasn’t fussy on the taste, but mixing some TriMax in for flavour helped him finish his grain meals. I have to drench him with the oil, but he is starting to grab the syringe when I do, so I’m hopeful I’ll be able to add it to his grain eventually. He’s a diva over food (although you wouldn’t say by looking at him) and he isn’t sold on the palatability, but it is doing wonders for my old boy.

He looks fabulous, is completely sound again, has the top line of when he was being schooled daily, and requires half halts constantly during our trails. His sweet and sunny personality has come back fully, and I’m beyond happy to have my boy back to himself again.

Thank you. Thank you for helping my boy and easing my worry. I’m delighted with the change I see in him since starting MadBarn.


UPDATE: My heart horse has been completely renewed by feeding MadBarn exclusively (with hay cubes to get the diva to eat them). Here are the before (on Omneity Pellets and w-3 oil partial doses for a couple months) and the after picture taken on his 22nd birthday (Omneity premix, Natural E/Organic Se pellets, Spirulina, Jiaogulan, MSM, and w-3 oil). Thank you to all the MadBarn team for the amazing work you do. Please feel free to share Whiskey’s story 😊

Danielle Williams - Before Picture Danielle Williams - After Picture

Catherine Lagace
April 29, 2022
Products Used:

I just wanted to send a before and after/current of my boy! He is on your omneity supplement. As are 2 other horses in my barn now. I recommend your supplement to everyone. Left is before and right is now. We are in love with the results !

Zoe Hudson
Showjumping/ Dressage
Campbell River, BC
April 2, 2022

I recently put my horse Silver onto Visceral+. He is quite the sensitive boy, and after winter break I noticed some girthiness which he had never done before. After about a month of using Visceral+, Silver was no longer girthy and seemed so much happier in his gut. Even my coach noticed the difference in his step, and said that he looked calmer overall. I have heard from other reviewers that it can take a long time to see results, but I believe it comes down to the individual horse. I will continue to use this product for preventative measures and to ensure that Silver feels the best he can. If your horse is ulcer-prone and anxious like Mr. Silver is, I highly recommend this product!

Zoe Hudson

Mad Barn Supplment Review
Miniature Horse Carriage Driving
Delta, B.C.
January 31, 2022
Products Used:

Dove, my Shetland pony/Miniature Horse suffered from diarrhea squirts during fall, winter and spring months especially in the last 3-4 years. Her filthy tail bag required daily washing, I washed her legs and tail frequently each week. She would have the squirts for about 10-14 days and then it would stop for 4-5 days only to start up again. I dreaded winter. According to the vet, diarrhea squirts are a common problem in the Lower Mainland of B.C. due to the wet growing conditions for local hay crops with the quality of hay varying greatly even from the same field. This winter there has been no diarrhea squirts since starting Amino Trace+. My only problem now is that Dove has put on weight due to better digestion!

Dove is a dapple silver colour with a blond mane and tail. In the summer she is clipped and looks light grey. In the summer of 2021 she progressed from light grey to a beige colour with orange patches on either side of her spine and the ends of her mane were twisted like barb wire. I suspected iron overload. I started her on Amino Trace+ and within two weeks her mane had straightened out. Dove’s new winter coat was pure dark grey instead of the dark brownish-grey it had been every other winter since we partnered in March, 2017.

Amino Trace+ has been amazing for Dove and me! Thank you!

South Jersey All Breeds Horse Rescue
Products Used:

I’d like to let you know about our purchase of  Visceral.

We are a 12 year old non profit horse rescue and sanctuary.

Last winter we took in an abused and neglected Welsh pony/paint cross mare.

She came in with diarrhea and nothing worked. Flagyl worked for a few days, we tried bio-sponge, slippery elm, the vet just gave up

Her legs were sore in the back from always being wet.

We were told about Visceral, put her on it and the diarrhea is GONE. Just like that.

Ravenaa Using Visceral for Diarrhea

Abbie Belore - Visceral Testimonial
Ontario, Canada
October 1, 2021
Products Used:

I don't even know where to start! I have owned my 10y/o quarter horse since he was only 4 years old. He was a race horse in Alabama, and was brought to Ontario shortly after his racing career ended. When I first brought him home, we were riding 4-5 days a week which was just enough for him to melt away & lose a lot of weight, even though he was being fed twice a day, and had access to lots of hay. It didn't take long for things to start spiraling downward, and next thing we knew, he was half the horse he was when I bought him. And just to top it off, he couldn't seem to make any friends in any group he was put with, and was constantly beat up. I could tell that he was beyond stressed. I had never owned my own horse before, so it was a whole learning process for me and it was terrifying not knowing how to go about fixing it.

Fast forward a couple years, he had gained a bit of weight back after trying many different supplements & feeding routines. He may have gained some weight, but he was still the same unhappy, touch-me-not horse who, quite honestly, I wasn't sure I could trust around other people while in the cross-ties, or even just in his stall. He was just so on edge and didn't want anyone near him. Eventually I just accepted that this was just the way he was and I'd just have to deal with it.

Fast forward a couple more years, we are now in a new location with a new feeding schedule and a different group of horses, and never gets beat on. He was nearly back up to weight, but still cranky & unmotivated. I called the vet out as I had my suspicions he may have had ulcers. He was put on omeprazole for 30 days, and then I started him on Visceral+. His coat looks great, his feet are great (a whole other struggle we had), his mood changed, and his personality came back after almost 6 years! I cannot thank the Mad Barn team enough for making such amazing products and especially for giving me my horse back.

First pic – April 11, 2021

Abbie Belore - Visceral+ Testimonial

Second pic – September 23, 2021

Abbie Belore - Visceral Testimonial

Justina Tomkiewych
Alberta, Canada
July 28, 2021
Products Used:

Peanut has had a history of having poor hoof condition since I purchased him as a 4 year old, 5 years ago. This horse has been on a strict 5-6 week trimming schedule (at one point it was every 3-4) weeks to try and combat the continuous flaring and cracking. By the time 5 or 6 weeks rolled around his feet looked completely neglected… talk about frustrating!

In the spring I decided to pull some blood work and a mineral panel. After finding out he was deficient in multiple minerals, Delaneys advised to put Peanut on Mad Barn Mineral- Amino Trace; this would balance the minerals he was lacking. (Just an FYI, the horses were on Hoffman’s free choice mineral prior to this).

Like myself, if your not knowledgeable on how mineral deficiency can significantly affect the body, I highly recommend to educate yourself. It’s one of those things you may think is so minimal, but it can really result in severe negative effects.

Multiple folks told me the only way to resolve the cracking and flaring was to shoe him. This would have been a temporary fix or would band aid the issue I’m sure, but my question was WHY his feet were like this…as there’s always a reason.

As frustrating as this journey has been, here I am 3 months into using Mad Barn Mineral-amino trace supplemented to Peanut faithfully on a daily basis. In the long run I know this has turned into an extremely cheap solution. See below for an incredible transformation in such a short amount of time! (No I’m not a distributor for the company).

I’m hopeful this post can help the next person trouble shoot a long term issue they have had a hard time resolving.

September 2020- 6 weeks post trim
June 2021- approx 2 months on MB mineral
July 2021- approx 3 months on MB mineral

Justina Tomkiewych

Sherry Gatten 1
London, ON
July 3, 2021
Products Used:

Hello Scott and all at Mad Barn!

Several of us started our horses on Omneity in January and are just starting to see some results. I wanted to show you what their hooves both look like and ask if you have seen this before. One (the first pic) is a 20 year old Rocky Mountain and the other is my 18 year old Icelandic (2nd pic)

The periople on both horses show quite a difference. Would this be like “before and after:? Or is this just a seasonal change? We were curious. I know it doesn’t harm anything but gosh so interesting!

Sherry Gatten & Nancy Drew (yup that’s her real name!)

Sherry Gatten 3 Sherry Gatten 4

Here is an update for you.

These are just from my Icelandic as I couldn’t get pics of the Kentucky mountain gelding that I had sent in the original email. Pretty sure the scaly part is just seasonal but we started the minerals in late December/early January. I couldn’t pin-point the exact date.

My Icelandic has thin soles and as you can see slightly under-run heels but has only been barefoot for just over 2 years of his 18 years. I can see some pretty tight growth now coming from the top so that’s excellent!

I think we can see where the minerals were started and the scaly parts are just shedding off.

Sherry Gatten 2 Sherry Gatten 1

I trim my horse’s feet and also for some friends who are just starting to feed Mad Barn (Omneity) I’m really excited to see how this will help their hooves. One is a 23 year old Appendix who just cannot maintain a good hoof.

Omneity Before After - Senior Horse
Ontario, Canada
June 23, 2021
Products Used:

Dagian is a 30 year old Percheron cross and husband horse extraordinaire! The first picture is him upon arrival 9 months ago, he was eating pounds and pounds of grain and not gaining weight. Now he’s getting Omneity, beet pulp, flax, and oil, and he looks like he’s aging in reverse!

Omneity Before After - Senior Horse

Emily Brown 2
London, Ontario
May 31, 2021

Wanting to share my success with my new found knowledge that all started because of the OCTRA Zoom meeting with Scott Cieslar from Mad Barn. After that presentation I contacted a nutritionist from Mad Barn and did plenty of research on my own. Even though I have seen results in Vixen, K2 is the one who has made a massive change in both appearance, temperament, and behavior.

Ty and I got K2 almost two years ago, he was very under weight and had massive separation anxiety. Being that he was an older horse (15) with these behaviors it has been tricky to over come. This year, within the last couple of months, I have taken both K2 and Vixen off commercial grains, feed them a balanced diet that was advised by one of Mad Barns nutritionists and give them Omneity daily.

The pictures and videos are within the first month of getting K2 and then after. The only difference being diet changes.

Thank you Scott and Mad Barn for educating horse people and making such good products that work!

Emily Brown 2

Janice Dulak
USDF Bronze Medalist
April 26, 2021
Products Used:

My horse, a 16 yo who just came to me in December….has been dunking his hay since he arrived. My vet had always told me it was a sign of ulcers. So I found your product, Viseral, through a friend of mine who does a lot of equine supplement research. In just 3 weeks he has stopped dunking his hay!!!!!! And I had the best ride ever on him yesterday! Thank you!!!


Janice Dulak


Janice Dulak

Master Instructor Trainer, Romana’s Pilates
Author “Pilates for the Dressage Rider”

USDF Bronze Medalist


Taylor Isabella Clavet 2
New Brunswick
March 29, 2021
Products Used:

I just want to thank the mad barn team for providing an outstanding product line and customer service! I’ve tried every kind of supplement and feed available to me in New Brunswick, and none compare to Mad Barn. My 7 year old gelding had a pot belly/hay belly, wasn’t very active and had terrible feet with subclinical low grade laminitis for years. I’ve worked tirelessly to try to get his diet on track and his feet sorted out with no luck- until I found Mad Barn products. I’ve been feeding Amino Trace + for exactly one month, and the results speak for themselves. With no change in feed or exercise, his hay belly is completely gone, he is much more energetic, and he is shedding out wonderfully. He also has had a signature “grumpy face” since he was a yearling, and since starting Amino Trace +, he is alert, curious, and overall a lot friendlier than he’s ever been. I am excited to start my older mare on multiple supplements to help her joints, coat, weight and behavior, as well as start my gelding on Probiotics to help his intermittent diarrhea. Thank you so much for everything you have provided for us!


Taylor Isabella Clavet

We’ve been using Mad Barn Products Dir years and have had great results with our ponies and horses.
Highly recommend it 🐴🍀

Mad Barn Supplment Review
Québec, Canada

My horse had ulcers problems to the point he had a colic because of that, after trying different products I decided to give visceral+ a try, I was really surprise how fast his attitude changed and looks more comfortable, now I keep him on the optimum digestive health and he shows no symptoms, i’m really happy with these products!

Julia Mason 2
Eventing training/prelim
Canada, Ontario
Products Used:
Visceral+w-3 Oil

My 16 year old high maintenance thoroughbred on W-3. One month ownership/ 7 months. We won a Mad Barn prize pack at a local cross country derby which introduced me to the product. Thankful for the incredibly generous prize that has seriously helped my guy while staying in full time training and competing heavily.

Bronson, Florida
January 24, 2020

TLC Chatta is a rarity in the Endurance world. In a sport full of Arabians this 14 hand Connemara Pony has a full resume. She has completed over 1000 limited distance miles, over 1000 endurance miles, and hundreds of CTR miles. (More than any other Connemara Pony.) She has even completed a one day 100. Since I have added Mad Barn products to her diet she has completed a 3 day 100 mile CTR, an Endurance 75 (at FITS and tied for 6th out of 22), multiple 50’s and 25’s. She was awarded Best Condition in 3 of the 5 LD’s she stood for. Her coat has never looked so healthy, eats great at rides, and has better recoveries than in the past. The pictures I sent include FITS 75with my crew working on her and one of me riding her; crossing the Saco River at the Pine Tree in Maine, the Moonlight 50 in Vermont with the runners so you have a few to pick from if you decide to use her.

MA Bell 2
Rigaud, Quebec
December 6, 2019
Products Used:
Omneityw-3 Oil

My horse, Chips (AQHA registered name “An Awesome Discovery”) turned 25 in May. He’s been on Mad Barn products ever since I discovered them, about 3 or 4 years ago.

He’s got HYPP and we manage it without medication, by keeping him on a hay-only diet. Mad Barn Omneity gives him what he needs to stay healthy with no grain.

And as a “senior” horse with Cushings we are always watching out to make sure he doesn’t lose weight – the W-3 oil takes care of that and keeps his coat shiny and beautiful.

Both the HYPP and the Cushings make him more susceptible than normal to founder, but because Mad Barn doesn’t use any molasses or sugars I feel confident in giving their products to Chips.

Scott and the folks at Mad Barn are great at customer service, always ready to answer questions and have been more than helpful in recommending the best products for Chips, taking into account his conditions and recommending the best products.

Chips is still going strong under saddle, dancing to music in the arena in the winter and trail riding in the summer – and I have hopes that we will be for many years to come!

MA Bell

Christine Hatfield
Luskville, QC
November 22, 2019
Products Used:

Rudy is an “off the track” ex-racehorse who ended up in the US slaughter pipeline. Long story short, I was able to bring him to Canada but he had a long road to recovery. He had a body score of 2, rain rot, thrush and ulcers. With the help of Visceral+ we addressed his ulcers and worked to get his vitamin and mineral deficiencies back to balance with Omneity. I noticed an amazing improvement in his hooves and coat! I continued to feed Omneity in Rudy’s daily diet as I know that he’s getting the correct amount of trace minerals and vitamins. Thank you Mad Barn!

Christine Hatfield

Korina McLean Jumping Sunny
Rockwood, Ontario
November 12, 2019

Sunny has been on Omneity for almost 3 years. Before feeding Omneity, Sunny’s hooves would never grow and would crumble- I could never keep shoes on her and she would always be sore. Since she’s been on Omneity, very seldom does she lose a shoe and her feet stay relatively good if she does. Her weight and coat have always looked good on it as well.

I use Performance XL Electrolytes during a competition to keep Sunny on top of her game and stay hydrated during hot summer show days.

When shipping to new places, I like to give Sunny Visceral+ Paste, as she can be a bit of a stress ball when going to new places and I like to keep her stomach settled with it. I usually put Sunny on W-3 Oil during the winter months to keep her extra plump, and it helps if she gets any stiffness from not moving as much during turnout.

Thank you so much, Mad Barn, for always keeping my horses on top of their game!

Jen Scott
Carousel stables calgary
Products Used:

I love my horse to pieces! He is incredibly loving and patient
I just bought him and had him for 2 weeks when he got a kick to his hock.
We almost lost this beautiful boy.
My vets and trainer are just amazing.
We rallied and sent him to coulee equine rehab
He’s with us today and doing amazing!
He does have mild navicular changes in front feet but he has no symptoms and I am doing my best to keep him that way
He’s been through a lot in the last 3 months
He’s an amazing horse
I cannot believe how blessed we are by him.


Jen Scott