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June 12, 2024

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing products that you guys have created. My gelding ripped a huge chunk of his hoof off at the end of October 2023. The day after his injury he was put on Omenity to help him grow a strong hoof. We weren’t sure how it was going to grow out and if he would stay sound to return to work. I thought I would share how well his hoof grew out.

Anne & Dave
Anne & Dave
June 11, 2024

Our beloved boy on the left is on Omneity.  He’s never been shinier nor had a fuller longer mane. Let alone how good he feels!

Anne & Dave
Jessica Ross
June 7, 2024
Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Mad Barn nutritionists and products literally saved my horse. When an opportunity we thought was impossible actually became a reality, we moved our family back to our hometown and left our mare in the care of the boarding barn she had been living with for over a year already. In the 6 months between our move and when we had our property finally ready for her she went from a little underweight to skeletal. I was so sick and furious when I finally saw her that I just loaded her into the trailer and told my husband to get us out of there. I had been told absolutely nothing about her deteriorating condition in any of that time by the person I had trusted, and paid, to care for her. One we got her home I immediately reached out to Mad Barn’s nutritionist team for help. I’d never been in charge of my own horse’s nutrition before and I was completely unprepared to handle an extreme situation like this one. Sophie came to our rescue and walked us every step of the way. We started her on a new feed mix, alfalfa and grass hay mix, as well as a few Mad Barn products. In a month my girl had gained a little weight and her coat was darkening. A year later she looked like a completely different horse. We’re almost 2 years into this new diet and she’s the healthiest she’s ever been. Her coat is deeply dark and glossy, even at the end of summer, her hooves are so good my farrier is impressed and has asked what we feed, and my once racehorse has a real butt! I give all credit to Sophie and Mad Barn. They saved my girl.

Jessica RossJessica RossJessica Ross
Lois Brainard
June 5, 2024
Colorado, USA

I have had my 25 yr old on Omneity and M3 oil for a couple of months. I thought you would enjoy comparison pictures from 3 yrs ago until now. Better muscle, better weight and MUCH better coat. Thank you for your products! This is a horse 2 vets told me to euthanize last year because of a synovial fluid infection and fractured hock……we did our first sorting last month and he was awesome.


Lois BrainardLois Brainard
June 5, 2024

Hi Mad Barn! This is Funky a Quarter / Canadian horse of 13 years old. This is 10 months with me and Mad Barn product! Omneity pellets, w-3 oil and MSM effect with a gradual fitness plan. I give him his product 3 times per week and he lives 100% outside with hay only not restricted. I’m super happy with his shape and the results from your product

Diane Vandenberghe
Diane Vandenberghe
June 4, 2024

I had to cancel my 3 regular subscriptions with Mad Barn because my 27 year old gelding passed away. When I called Mad Barn to explain why I was cancelling my subscriptions, they were very professional. One of the subscriptions was already in transit and Mad Barn promptly refunded me even though they said they may not be able to stop the delivery and I would have to keep the product. I was very impressed with that. Fortunately, Mad Barn was able to have Canpar stop the delivery and the product will be returned to Mad Barn. I would definitely recommend Mad Barn for all of your horse supplement needs. I ALWAYS had a good experience dealing with Mad Barn via phone, email, and texts. Their staff is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and truly care about horses. The FREE shipping within Canada was a huge bonus. I highly recommend Mad Barn.

Diane Vandenberghe
Mad Barn Supplment Review
Megan Borys
June 3, 2024
Calgary, Canada

He daily receives Omneity pellets with w3 oil. He is turned out into a grass pasture with access to Timothy hay. With him being a OTTB only 2 months ago, the benefits received from mad barn products has been astounding. He’s had such an amazing mindset change. He is a lot calmer, more patient and engaged mentally when working. His coat is now beautifully shiny, and his muscle tone is developing beautifully. Most of all, I’ve noticed a change starting in his hooves already. He’s always had stress on both back hooves. Since starting him on Omneity, you can see healthy growth with no cracks. Absolutely incredible!


June 2, 2024
Aylesford Ns

My horse was a way for a couple or years being leased, and when he left.. he was overweight with a cresty neck. He was exercised often and lost that weight. But the leasee ended up working too often and could not get him ridden anymore. The weight came back. She made the right decision to send him back home knowing he was getting overweight again. When I got him back, he was heavier, but most of it was bigger fat pads and cresty neck. He also had a lot of anxiety and tension. ( He was not himself, who was usually in your pocket and relaxed)… I immediately ordered in Madbarn supplements Magnechrome to help with metabolic symptoms , Trace Mineral Pak to top up trace minerals we are missing in our hay, 3 amigos amino acids to help with his anxiety, Spirulina for all of the above. I also feed madbarn biotin, probiotic, and W-3 oil.
While his coat was always shiny and hooves in good shape, his skin was flaky, his eyes goopy, and he had (I assume) rubbed off the mane in the area of his neck crest.
We weighed his hay daily… put him on a track system with no access to grass… and let him be…. (With a buddy so he wasn’t alone).
In less than a year, his fat pads have reduced significantly, his cresty neck is about 90% reduced… his goopy eyes have cleared up and skin no longer flaky. His mane is also growing back. While his anxiety is a work in progress and comes and goes… his eyes and facial expression in general are more relaxed on a regular bases. And his old personality is slowing shining through. Back to his personable self. :)
I will probably adjust his Madbarn minerals this year once we get this year’s hay in and analyzed. But overall, we have had great luck with this combination so far and highly recommend. :)

Ingrid Silfvast-Kaiser
Ingrid Silfvast-Kaiser
May 29, 2024
Houston, Texas

I was tired of paying $$$ for supplements from a big name company and then feeling like they weren’t doing anything for my horse’s nutrition. I had a friend tell me about Mad Barn and I decided to give it a try. It’s been a game changer. I feel like I’m actually seeing results and it’s more economical than the other options I’ve explored. I’m very happy that I made the switch and look forward to testing out more MB products!

Ingrid Silfvast-Kaiser
Sarah Locke
May 28, 2024

Started mad barn in January and it’s made such a difference!

Sarah Locke
Haley mattucci
Haley mattucci
May 28, 2024

I love omneity! I have an insulin resistant gelding that can’t get much grain and I have tried just about every supplement and the pellets is the only thing I can hide in his rather bland food and get down!

Haley mattucci
Mad Barn Supplment Review
Gabrielle DiBattista
May 27, 2024
Houston, TX

After significant nutritional research across several sites, I was impressed to find Mad Barns supplements backed by science and overall nutritionally balanced! Less than a month on the Omniety and I’ve already seen improved hoof quality and coat quality! I’m adding on the three amigos as well to help additionally with hoof support!

Gabrielle DiBattista
May 21, 2024

I was gifted an 8 year old gelding Buckskin in October of last year. I immediately put him on your Omneity Premix.

He was moved in January, so I can’t say for sure that your product played a 100 percent role in his change, but it sure helped.

Brendan MilnerBrendan MilnerBrendan MilnerBrendan MilnerBrendan Milner
Nina Holmes
Nina Holmes
May 17, 2024
Ramona, CA

I carefully researched products available to help my then 19 year old thoroughbred Trabia (a grandson of Secretariat) after he had colic surgery in November 2023. I found Mad Barn and first consulted with one of their patient and wonderful nutritionists. She answered all my questions and helped me with some diet changes for both horses. I ordered the Visceral and have had Trabia on it ever since. I observed that adding the Visceral and making other diet changes helped him through his recovery from the surgery. I found that his digestive system stabilized and he has been doing well ever since. I think that the Visceral also helped my Arabian, MA Zumanity, with his digestion. I also changed over to two other of Mad Barn’s products, their W-3 oil and their Omneity. Both my horses look to be in great health and I feel confident they will continue to be in good health thanks to these products and to the consultation I received from Mad Barn. Another thing I like about Mad Barn is the ease of contacting them to ask for further assistance with nutrition as needed! I highly recommend them!

Nina HolmesNina Holmes
Miranda Remenar
May 16, 2024

MadBarn has successfully helped her lose her yearling coat that was hanging on for dear life, allowed her to recuperate from a heavy worm load and has allowed her to grow almost a hand in 2.5 months. I appreciate your company for offering high-quality nutrition at an affordable price. Both of my horses are fed Om-NEIGH-ty pellets and have thrived.

Miranda RemenarMiranda RemenarMiranda RemenarMiranda RemenarMiranda RemenarMiranda Remenar
May 12, 2024

I love mad barn. My geldings are shiny, dappled and look amazing! Pictured is my 20 year old thoroughbred gelding.

Korina Gravley
April 30, 2024

Un immense merci à Julie qui a su répondre à mes interrogations aujourd’hui au sujet de l’alimentation des mes 2 chevaux. Elle a pris le temps de bien connaître les besoins de chacun, analyser mon analyse de foin et me recommander les modifications à apporter pour bien répondre aux besoins de mes chevaux. Un service en plus en français. Merci à toi pour ta patience!

Anick Gignac
Mad Barn Supplment Review
April 26, 2024
Omro Wisconsin

My horse is on her 2nd bucket of Omneity. She loves it from day one on top of her beet pulp. Being on a dry lot her hooves where down and a week ago my farrier said she actually had some hoof and sole to trim. Her mane and tail are growing. She is shedding so can't wait to see how she looks after all shedded out. Thank you much for a great product. I got my girl friend using it on her old guy and Viseral and he is doing great also. Great products

Kimberly Forster
April 25, 2024

Mad Barn’s Magnesium Oxide and Chasteberry supplements have been a game-changer for my anxious horse. Since incorporating them into her daily routine, I’ve noticed a remarkable difference in her demeanor. She is much calmer and more focused, making our training sessions more productive and enjoyable. I highly recommend these supplements to any horse owner looking to support their equine companion’s mental well-being.

Kimberly ForsterKimberly ForsterKimberly ForsterKimberly Forster
Deb Fleming
April 23, 2024

This is my 4 year old quarter horse I rescued in January. She had lice, worms, rain rot and was so thin. She has been on w3 Oil and Omneity for 3 months and is looking great and I’m sure she feels a lot better! Thanks Mad Barn.

Deb FlemingDeb FlemingDeb Fleming
April 21, 2024
Langley, BC, Canada

I've had my current horse on Mad Barn Visceral + and the W3 oil since I got him almost 3 years ago, and I recently added the MSM and Natural Vitamin E. He looks amazing, people are always commenting on how shiny he is. There is a noticeable difference in his demeanor and digestion if we happen to run out of or try to take a break from the Visceral, so I keep him on it year round. I feed the W3 oil for the DHA mostly (smells kind of like vanilla, no fishy smell) and it makes his coat look amazing. I have also noticed that he's not as "clicky" behind since adding the MSM. Mad barn girl for life!

April 18, 2024
Midland Ontario

I love the jiagulan. It has made a big difference for my navicular horse she is a lot more comfortable.. It has helped with blood flow to her feet and has also helped her with her metabolic issues I would highly recommend this product. I also would highly recommend the omenity vitamin and mineral it has done wonders to the condition of her hoofs.

Thank you mad barn for your amazing products!

Britney MitchellBritney MitchellBritney Mitchell
April 17, 2024
Surrey, BC, Canada

My gelding foundered quite suddenly at 5 years old, and the prognosis was quite poor. I was told by multiple vets and farriers that I would never ride him again. After many consultations, no answers, and minimal if any improvement in my horses condition, I turned to researching on my own and decided to overhaul his diet. It was relatively clean before (decent quality hay, loose salt, and no grains/hard feed as he was out of work), but it was the one answer that just kept coming up. We later found he was IR, and standard hay and most feeds have too much sugar for him and will trigger laminitis, and, if left unchecked, founder.
I put him on tested low sugar hay and he immediately improved, but something was missing. I started him on AminoTrace+ and his hooves started growing in healthier, he was more lively, and was starting to comfortably move around again!
Shortly after, I learned about MadBarn’s diet analysis service and sent in my feed program. They recommended I switch to Omneity, as it was better balanced to my hay. Sure enough, even more improvement! Another diet analysis a year later, and they told me MagneChrome had been released and recommended to try it. Everything clicked. It was like the missing piece of the puzzle!
He is now sound, fully rehabbed, and back in full work at 11 years old, happy and sassy and known around the barn as “everyone’s favourite weirdo.”
I also think it speaks volumes when a company admits their product isn’t right for you. I called in to ask about feeding him their electrolyte supplement during an uncharacteristically hot summer one year, and Scott Cieslar called me back personally. After talking about my horses condition, he recommended I NOT purchase their electrolyte, as it does contain sugars and may be unsafe for him, even though it’s very small amounts. He gave me some other electrolyte recommendations, and they were excellent! That, to me, shows a company that genuinely cares about the horses.
Having low sugar, low starch supplements that give my horse the vitamins and minerals he needs to be healthy, without all the fillers, was literally life-changing, maybe life-saving for my gelding, and I’m so grateful for what MadBarn has done and continues to do!

April 17, 2024
Pemberton, BC

Mad Barn is simply the best! I wouldn’t dream of giving any other supplement brand to my gelding.
I got him as a long yearling, and immediately used the Mad Barn Feed Analysis tool on the website to make sure he was getting all he needed to grow and develop well.
He’s been on Three Amigos to help support his muscle and topline development, Biotin to support strong healthy hooves, and development of his ligaments and tendons, as well as helping to ensure a healthy coat and skin, Optimum Probiotic for gut and immune health, W3 oil for overall health and wellness, and Magnesium to support support growth, as well as focus his baby brain for training. And of course, Omneity pellets to ensure he’s getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs!
The proof is in the pudding as they say, and I couldn’t be happier with the effect this routine has had on my boy. He’s growing up strong and healthy, all thanks to Mad Barn!

Maya Lamabe
April 10, 2024
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

My two geldings have been on the same supplements from MadBarn for almost 3 years, I’ve tried other companies that people have raved about but none of them compare to MadBarn. Their pricing for products is actually something that I can regularly afford, as well as the results are to die for!!!!! My senior gelding has kissing spine and some early-onset arthritis i find that the w-3 oil and MSM help tremendously with it. I use the spirulina to help with allergies for both geldings along with a few other products. I have a 5% off code in my Instagram bio you find me at Maya__eqq. Definitely give this company a shot you will not be upset.

Maya LamabeMaya Lamabe
Laura Tillman
April 8, 2024
Anchorage, Alaska
We’ve been using the bulk of our supplements from Mad Barn. We love the results – I’ve included a picture of my boy’s hooves from when I bought him in 2022 where he wasn’t on any supplements to this month and has been on supplements since I bought him. He’s also on Omneity.
Thanks for making great products!
Laura Tillman
Michelle VanderVlis
March 20, 2024

About a month ago I rescued a filly. She was INCREDIBLY malnourished and had 3 different skin infections. She was dehydrated, starving, anemic, had bots and worms, and could barely stand. I started her on a high fibre diet and slowly introduced her to Mad Barn. Now I already feed Mad Barn to my other healthy horses but I was NOT prepared for what your products could really do to a sick sick horse. It’s been ONE month and the change is SO drastic it has people scratching there heads!!!! My filly Lexi is almost 75% healed. We are still working on her weight but she gains everyday. She also DOES not have water poops anymore. All of the products she’s on has healed her skin and tummy in just a month! We’re not done yet but I just had to share with you what we are going through and how your products have saved my filly. No drugs were ever needed besides wormer and I am over joyed to see her healing and happy. Thank you again for such a wonderful product.

Michelle VanderVlisMichelle VanderVlis
Phyllis Brooks
March 14, 2024
British Columbia

Last august his hoof kind of fell apart, I ordered my first bag of Omneity and the results are amazing. Here is a picture from last October…was worse in august but didn’t keep the picture…it was too disturbing..this is October and healing ..the last picture is this January.

So relieved and grateful…for this product and for a good farrier who worked hard to help his hoof.

Phyllis BrooksPhyllis BrooksPhyllis BrooksPhyllis Brooks
January 30, 2024

Your products have made a world difference for my horses!

Laken Ann
January 25, 2024

Ivy is an OTTB who needed to gain top-line and muscle mass overall. Her skin is sensitive as well as her stomach, and her coat was needing some conditioning. She was prone to “stress poops”. W3 and Visceral+ helped her keep weight on, grow in a shiny coat, and calmed her sensitive stomach. She no longer “stress poops”, she has gained significant muscle mass, and her shape has dramatically improved. Madbarn products were well worth our investment.

Laken AnnLaken Ann