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We’ve been using Mad Barn Products Dir years and have had great results with our ponies and horses.
Highly recommend it 🐴🍀

Québec, Canada

My horse had ulcers problems to the point he had a colic because of that, after trying different products I decided to give visceral+ a try, I was really surprise how fast his attitude changed and looks more comfortable, now I keep him on the optimum digestive health and he shows no symptoms, i’m really happy with these products!

Julia Mason 2
Eventing training/prelim
Canada, Ontario
Products Used:
Visceral+w-3 Oil

My 16 year old high maintenance thoroughbred on W-3. One month ownership/ 7 months. We won a Mad Barn prize pack at a local cross country derby which introduced me to the product. Thankful for the incredibly generous prize that has seriously helped my guy while staying in full time training and competing heavily.

Bronson, Florida
January 24, 2020

TLC Chatta is a rarity in the Endurance world. In a sport full of Arabians this 14 hand Connemara Pony has a full resume. She has completed over 1000 limited distance miles, over 1000 endurance miles, and hundreds of CTR miles. (More than any other Connemara Pony.) She has even completed a one day 100. Since I have added Mad Barn products to her diet she has completed a 3 day 100 mile CTR, an Endurance 75 (at FITS and tied for 6th out of 22), multiple 50’s and 25’s. She was awarded Best Condition in 3 of the 5 LD’s she stood for. Her coat has never looked so healthy, eats great at rides, and has better recoveries than in the past. The pictures I sent include FITS 75with my crew working on her and one of me riding her; crossing the Saco River at the Pine Tree in Maine, the Moonlight 50 in Vermont with the runners so you have a few to pick from if you decide to use her.

MA Bell 2
Rigaud, Quebec
December 6, 2019
Products Used:
Omneityw-3 Oil

My horse, Chips (AQHA registered name “An Awesome Discovery”) turned 25 in May. He’s been on Mad Barn products ever since I discovered them, about 3 or 4 years ago.

He’s got HYPP and we manage it without medication, by keeping him on a hay-only diet. Mad Barn Omneity gives him what he needs to stay healthy with no grain.

And as a “senior” horse with Cushings we are always watching out to make sure he doesn’t lose weight – the W-3 oil takes care of that and keeps his coat shiny and beautiful.

Both the HYPP and the Cushings make him more susceptible than normal to founder, but because Mad Barn doesn’t use any molasses or sugars I feel confident in giving their products to Chips.

Scott and the folks at Mad Barn are great at customer service, always ready to answer questions and have been more than helpful in recommending the best products for Chips, taking into account his conditions and recommending the best products.

Chips is still going strong under saddle, dancing to music in the arena in the winter and trail riding in the summer – and I have hopes that we will be for many years to come!

MA Bell

Christine Hatfield
Luskville, QC
November 22, 2019
Products Used:

Rudy is an “off the track” ex-racehorse who ended up in the US slaughter pipeline. Long story short, I was able to bring him to Canada but he had a long road to recovery. He had a body score of 2, rain rot, thrush and ulcers. With the help of Visceral+ we addressed his ulcers and worked to get his vitamin and mineral deficiencies back to balance with Omneity. I noticed an amazing improvement in his hooves and coat! I continued to feed Omneity in Rudy’s daily diet as I know that he’s getting the correct amount of trace minerals and vitamins. Thank you Mad Barn!

Christine Hatfield

Korina McLean Jumping Sunny
Rockwood, Ontario
November 12, 2019

Sunny has been on Omneity for almost 3 years. Before feeding Omneity, Sunny’s hooves would never grow and would crumble- I could never keep shoes on her and she would always be sore. Since she’s been on Omneity, very seldom does she lose a shoe and her feet stay relatively good if she does. Her weight and coat have always looked good on it as well.

I use Performance XL Electrolytes during a competition to keep Sunny on top of her game and stay hydrated during hot summer show days.

When shipping to new places, I like to give Sunny Visceral+ Paste, as she can be a bit of a stress ball when going to new places and I like to keep her stomach settled with it. I usually put Sunny on W-3 Oil during the winter months to keep her extra plump, and it helps if she gets any stiffness from not moving as much during turnout.

Thank you so much, Mad Barn, for always keeping my horses on top of their game!

Jen Scott
Carousel stables calgary
Products Used:

I love my horse to pieces! He is incredibly loving and patient
I just bought him and had him for 2 weeks when he got a kick to his hock.
We almost lost this beautiful boy.
My vets and trainer are just amazing.
We rallied and sent him to coulee equine rehab
He’s with us today and doing amazing!
He does have mild navicular changes in front feet but he has no symptoms and I am doing my best to keep him that way
He’s been through a lot in the last 3 months
He’s an amazing horse
I cannot believe how blessed we are by him.


Jen Scott

Cash has only been with me since May of this year but he has quickly made a place for himself in my heart.
Very green, we ride often and we ride hard.

My hopes are to turn him into a barrel racer, but even if he can’t make, I will be happy to enjoy him around the farm.

Cash is one of the happiest horses I have ever met, and he is quick to share his joy with everyone around him.

Another one of my horses I am truly thankful to have the opportunity to work with.

BamBam has been with me for 5 years.

Together we barrel race, pole bend, trail ride, and just spend quality time together.

Collectively, we have overcome some injuries – proud to say, none we have received together.

Although I like to think i was a good horsewoman previously, Bam has made me an even better one than I was, and I am forever grateful for the lessons she has taught me along the way.

It has not been easy, and we still have a long way to go, but looking back – we have come so far.

Nancy Zukewich‎
November 10, 2019
Products Used:

We feed Visceral+ daily during competition season. Our horses travel and ride long distances without signs of EGUS. Thanks Mad Barn! Photo: Wendy Webb

Nancy Zukewich‎

Sabine Harrington
November 7, 2019

Macallan, my 11 year old OTTB, has flourished since putting him on omneity p and optimum probiotic. I get compliments from his team of care providers, from farrier to chiropractor, on how great he looks every time he gets a treatment. Such amazing results helps us improve over the jumps and in the dressage arena.

Christina Young
Winchester, ON
November 4, 2019

I bought Shade a couple of years ago after working with her for a friend. They had had a terrible wreck together and both had their confidence shattered. After that incident the two just couldn’t seem to connect. My friend was justifiably afraid of another potential serious injury, and Shade was afraid of well, just about everything.

Sadly a scared horse and a scared rider do not make a good team, and so I was asked to work with her.

I rode and competed her for a year before her owner asked if I’d take her. I was in love by that time, and we were making real progress, so of course I brought her home. We’ve been competing steadily ever since.
Last Winter, Shade kicked her shelter wall and got her hoof caught up in the tin.

When I first saw it, it looked as though someone had taken a machete to her hoof, just below the cornet band! The “slice” went halfway across the front of her hoof from the lateral side and went full thickness, stopping (we discovered later) just short of hitting the white line and lamina. I thought our season was shot. I wish I had pictures, but I don’t bring my phone outside much in the Winter here. (It’s enough just to get chores done, never mind stopping for a pic!)

Anyway, to keep this from going way too long, I put Shade on Mad Barn’s Omniety. I was thinking of making the shift anyway, as I’d been researching the products and found them to be really well made, and Scott to be a brilliant nutritionist. I was looking for full body benefits, but in particular I was looking for something that would help Shade to grow her hoof out as strong and as fast as possible.

On Omniety, she was able to grow her hoof from cornet band to the ground, in about 9 months. Because of this, she was able to continue to train, and we were able to salvage the latter half of our competition season.
My farrier is also brilliant and was able to provide good support for the damaged hoof. She is blown away and how fast and strong Shade’s hoof grew out as well.

We’re getting ready for our first 50 mile ride early next season, and Mad Barn will continue to be a part of her nutrition program. In fact, all of my horses in work are now on Omniety; and my competition horses get Visceral and Performance XL Electrolytes before, during and after all rides to protect their guts and keep them hydrated.

Thank you Scott and Mad Barn for all you’ve done for my horses!


Christina Young

Sully is a 3 yr old Appaloosa Gelding that I brought up from Texas in the summer of his weanling year. When he arrived he had a thick course terrible coat that really concerned me. No amount of grooming or good diet of “commercial” junior feed was helping. Then we noticed he was going bald and started scratching on anything and everything. We did blood test, skin scraping, skin biopsy and all was fine. We finally narrowed it down to a soy allergy and my vet wanted him off any commercial feed right away. We switched him over to oats and within a couple days he stopped itching. With Sully being a baby I knew he needed more nutritional support than what just hay and oats would give so that’s when the hunt for a soy free Vit/mineral began. My search quickly lead to Mad Barn Omneity. Sully has been on it for almost 3 years now and I couldn’t be happier. His coat is amazing, super shiny and soft. His feet get constant compliments from my farrier as well. He matured beautifully without any growth issues at all. I recommend this product to everyone! Omneity will always be a part Sully’s feed program.

Puslinch, Ontario
October 30, 2019
Products Used:

Finally made the decision to purchase a family friend and found the perfect match in my very young 3 year old mare. She’s an amazing addition to my family as even though she’s young she’s so laid back and easy going even my 4 year old daughter can lead her around! We are re training her from a western reining pony to a jumper. Can’t wait to see my girls in the show ring with her. Having been a former co-worker with Scott I knew I’d have the best, most researched supplement out there and wouldn’t trust anyone else but him to keep our little girl healthy!

Jen Dunbar
Harbour Main, Newfoundland and Labrador
October 29, 2019

I have been using Mad Barn products for around 8 years and am happy with the results.
My gelding is 24 now and has PPID.
I switched from Omenity to Amino Trace + and have been using the Optimum Digestive Pellets and can happily report he is licking his feed tub clean again.
Thank you Scott!!

Jen Dunbar

Renie Wiles
London, Ontario

Use it love it encourage others to try it! Mad Barn is a great brand, great product, with great people and an amazing sponsor of events in our area!

Renie Wiles

Distinctive Bay, known as Eddie in the barn, is a 2013 OTTB who only raced a total of 8 times before being retired due to being a ‘roarer’. Originally purchased to be a sales horse, Eddie quickly displayed all sorts of potential and talent.

Eddie was given the winter of 2016 off and started up in the spring as a lanky 4 year old. He came with us when we went down to North Carolina for a few weeks in the spring and did miles and miles of hacking and even began jumping a few tiny cross rails. He had an easy summer and fall learning how to be in work as an actual riding horse, before starting back up again in 2018. He once again went down with us to North Carolina to start his season at his first dressage show. However, late that spring and early that summer he struggled so immensely with ulcers he colliced. Helping him through the ulcers was a long process, but throughout this we started eventing at the entry level, winning the division for the National Capital Region. As I went off to university that fall, Eddie went to have surgery to help with his roaring. It was decided that instead of having the full tie-back surgery, they would remove one vocal chord to give him more breathing room without the intensity of a surgery.

Having struggled with ulcers, keeping shoes and weight on throughout the summer we worried about his layup, but a month prior we had found MadBarn and had started Eddie on Omneity and Visceral +. These proved to help so immensely that this year we added the Performance XL: Electrolytes and magnesium to his diet as well and he has thrived! Shoes have stayed on (knock on wood), soles are thicker and harder, ulcers have been kept at bay and he is an incredibly shiny and healthy horse. We moved up to pre-training at the beginning of the year and training halfway through the show season and this horse has been the best partner all the way through! Having just found out we won both of these divisions for the National Capital Region I could not be happier with how having MadBarn in his diet has helped Eddie perform at his very best and I’m excited to see where next year takes us!

Melanie Dilts
Loretto, Ontario
Products Used:
Optimum Probiotic

Parker is a coming 4 year old paint gelding who has been on madbarn probiotic for 6 months now. I’ve owned parker since he was 5 months old so we’ve had plenty of time to spend together. I am training him myself to be an all round horse. I cant seem to pick a discipline and he doesnt seem to mind.

Last year after moving parker to a new barn I noticed the stress of the move (and his constant growing) left him looking thin and dull. After I started him on madbarn probiotic I noticed his coat and hair became more smooth and shiny and he began putting weight back on. Hes been on the probiotic ever since.

I’m also bringing home a retired standardbred gelding at the end of the week and he will also be put on the probiotic while he settles into his new life as a laid back riding horse.


Melanie Dilts

Tucker is a saucy Welsh pony who competed in the small pony division of the Central West zone this past year. When Tucker became a show pony we put him on MadBarn Visceral + to help with any gut issues and also help with his hair coat and temperament. We can’t say enough great things about this product and what it has done for all our horses and ponies.

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