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Julie Tougas
June 17, 2018

She did 80 km in a humidex of 44C earlier today. She finished with all A’s and +’s meaning she was in perfect metabolic and muscular condition. Keeping her well hydrated was essential and we depended on Mad Barn electrolytes to replace lost salts during sweating and to encourage drinking! Mariah has excelled since we switched to mad barn products.



Julie TougasJulie Tougas
Korina McLean
June 8, 2018
Rockwood, Ontario
Exercise Rider at Woodbine Racetrack
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J’utilise Mad Barn depuis le début. J’ai toujours aimé leurs produits. Mon cheval de course a fait des merveilles sur le viscéral. Et actuellement mon cheval d’équitation est sur l’omneity et l’huile w3 et elle a l’air et se sent AMAZING. Elle est allée à son premier spectacle le week-end dernier à Old Orchard et s’est classée dans chacune de ses classes avec une 1ère, 2ème, 3ème, 5ème et 6ème. Merci Mad Barn !!!!!!!!!!!

Korina McLean
Britney Hensman
May 18, 2018
Phoenix Equestrian Team

I’ve been using Mad Barn for about a year now. Started my 14 year old TB on Visceral+ and noticed a huge improvement. After a few months switched him to their Optimum Digestive Health Pellets. He’s done amazing on both products. Recently he’s shown signs of hind gut [redacted] again and have just put him back on Visceral+. This is the only product that seems to truly [redacted].

I love that the company realized the Visceral+ pellets tested in competition due to the chamomile ingredient. This company is so amazing they removed this one ingredient so that customers didn’t have to switch to the paste a few days before competition. A company that listens is amazing. Their customer service is astounding, quick and helpful. Their shipping is also just as amazing. Usually my order is in my hands within a day or two. I absolutely love this company and am happy to continue purchasing from them.

*** Parts of this testimonial have been redacted to comply with Health Canada Regulations ***

Britney Hensman
Caitlin Fountain
April 21, 2018
Kamloops, British Columbia

Thank you Mad Barn for providing such fantastic products that don’t break the bank! I started my 13 year old mare who was a cribber on Visceral on April 9th, less then then a week later she had completely quit cribbing. She went from cribbing every time I looked while wearing a crib collar cinched tight, to not cribbing at all and she no longer wears her crib collar. Thank you thank you thank you! Even when run on [redacted] meds she continued to crib. This is life changing for her and for me!

*** Parts of this testimonial have been redacted to comply with Health Canada Regulations ***

Caitlin Fountain
Lenore Partridge
Lenore Partridge
April 8, 2018
Castleton, Ontario
Pine Grove Farms

Thank you Mad Barn for taking the time to talk with Cierra and myself we look forward to trying your products .

Lenore Partridge
Yvette LeBlanc
March 29, 2018
Moffat, Ontario
Manages Epona's Amhrán Mo Chroí - Irish Draught Stallion

Excellent products! I tried Visceral for one of my horses after it was recommended by a friend and I saw such positive changes in his manure, coat condition, and attitude that I am now planning to try it with my stallion who is starting his competition and breeding career.

Yvette LeBlanc
Wendy MacCoubrey
March 4, 2018
Hudson, Quebec

Thank you Mad Barn once again for the great products you produce. Lolita finished 2nd on the 120km and was Best Condition! This GIRLS WAS ON FIRE!



Wendy MacCoubrey
Mad Barn Supplment Review
Emmanuel Tomlin
January 29, 2018
Nelson, British Columbia

Great quality product. We received our order very promptly

November 28, 2017

My horse, Sundance, has been on Mad Barn’s Omneity formula for the past year now. He has gone through a major transformation since he has been taking these supplements. His hooves were in terrible shape and he lacked stamina. Today,his coat is shiny, his hooves are phenomenal and he has tremendous endurance on trail. The Omneity formula has enhanced Sundance without having him gain additional weight or making him high strung.”

In addition, Scott Cieslar, is a wonderful businessman who is extremely kind, efficient and knowledgeable. He truly is all about customer service and goes above and beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend Mad Barn for your horses’s nutrition. I, for one, definitely look forward to doing business with Scott and Mad Barn for years to come!

Claudia Iannuccilli
November 26, 2017
Lachute, Quebec
Head coach at CI Eventing/Concours Complet

Pony Profile Time!😀

So I have had quite a few people ask me about how I keep my horses and so I thought this could be something fun to post and possibly interesting for others.

I’ll start with my true gentleman, Reagan aka Campaigning❤️🐎
2009 OTTB, 16.1h

Expert cribber, will eat ANYTHING, very easy going personality, prone to impaction colics(Ulcer flareups make him go off his water), gains weight easily but loses it just as easily, the sweetest horse you will EVER meet.☺️

Turn-out: All day, 8-9 in summer. In winter 8-8 or earlier if weather is gross. *Reagan comes in over night so we can monitor his water intake very closely.

Feeding: 9 flakes spread out over 3 feedings, summer when grazing is at its best 6 flakes
*hay consists of half 1st and half 2nd cut. And grazing as much as he wants.

“Grain”: Omniety Vit/min supplement by MadBarn, Visceral by Mad Barn(this is to keep his ulcers at bay), Mad Barn oil
Summer-2 cups flax and 1 cup oil is added to his diet, he was showing at Preliminary level eventing.
*when travelling and at shows his Visceral is doubled.

In winter his shoes are removed and I let him get all furry just to give him a little down time. I hack out quite a bit more in winter so the furry coat keeps
him nice and cozy.❄️🐴❄️

Stay tuned to see who’s next???😀




Super happy with his weight, it has never been this good. His cribbing is pretty much non existent and his feet look amazing. Pulled his shoes and they have held up and he was sound to ride the same day. He has struggled with poor feet since I got him 4yrs ago. The Omniety is a huge factor for his improved hoof health as well as reg. and consistent excellent hoof care.😊

Claudia Iannuccilli
Claudia Iannuccilli
September 26, 2017
Lachute, Quebec
Head coach at CI Eventing/Concours Complet
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AMOUR AMOUR AMOUR AMOUR cette entreprise et je ne dis pas cela parce que Madbarn me sponsorise, mais parce que je fais sincèrement confiance à leurs produits à 100%. Mon OTTB est un peu gênant avec la consommation d’eau et a eu plusieurs coliques d’impaction graves, dont l’une aurait pu se terminer très mal. J’avais donc besoin de savoir ce dont il avait besoin, Scott et Mad Barn arrivent !!!!! Je voulais un bon produit, honnête et fidèle à lui-même, sans ajout de produits de remplissage inutiles ou de sucres inutiles, etc. Alors ma BADO, nommée Campagne, participe maintenant à des compétitions de niveau préliminaire sur le foin, l’Omniety, le Viseral et le lin moulu. Son poids est GRAND et son cribbing n’a pratiquement plus rien. Tous mes autres chevaux, qu’ils soient en compétition ou non, sont sur Omniety et n’ont jamais été aussi beaux, y compris ma croix TB semi-retraitée de 19 ans qui a eu besoin de chaussures toute sa vie et qui vit maintenant pieds nus et heureux !!!! J’adore vraiment ce truc, ça marche et j’ai confiance dans les ingrédients et Madbarn et mes poneys ont l’air AMAZING !!!!! Yay Mad Barn !!!!!!

Claudia Iannuccilli
Jennifer Hill
September 5, 2017

Love the products ! I had amazing help at the Sprucewood shop at Caledon equestrian park. Thank you so much for all the advice and help with products .

Jennifer Hill
Kimberley Dawn
August 17, 2017

Mad Barn is a great quality product! From Supplements to Visceral +, Mad Barn has been a big help with my Mare’s pssm type 2 diagnosis.

Scott has been great for advice, from feeding protein to getting a lower % of NSC in my hay.

I had to soak my hay to lower the NSC for my mare. Scott had recommended trying to cut my hay as soon as the dew came off of it; to help lower its NSC.

I did as he suggested and just received my analysis. NSC is 10.89% this year :D

Thank you Scott!!!!!! Now, I do not have to soak hay all year.

I highly recommend Mad Barn. Not only for its quality product, but for the people behind the product. They really truly care about their clients and their horses.

The horses come first and for me that makes all of the difference.

Kimberley Dawn
Michela Silvestre
July 31, 2017
Odyssey Dressage

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Mad Barn for developing such a fantastic product
in Visceral +!! My horse was always a finicky eater and with big shows in our schedule it was inportant to me to have his appetite at its peak! I have been feeding him Visceral+ for 2 months now and he has drastically improved in his eating habits and overall appearance. He was a horse that could take or leave his grain depending on his “mood” but now he looks for his grain with a keen sense of desire!! He has been showing away from home for 3-4 days at a time and maintaining his weight and fitness all thanks to a happier tummy that is absorbing all the nutrients put in front if him! I have recommended this product to everyone I know and will continue to use this for my horse!! Thank you Mad Barn!!

Michela Silvestre
Mad Barn Supplment Review
M.A. Bell
June 28, 2017

Mad Barn products are excellent – backed by science and a true love for horses, Scott Cieslar creates top quality supplements. My 23-year-old Quarter Horse is on one of Scott Cieslar’s formulas and people have a hard time believing how old he is – he sure doesn’t look it or act it!
Thank you for helping me to give my horse the quality care he deserves.

Britney Hensman
June 27, 2017
Phoenix Equestrian Team

I ordered the Optimum Digestive Health – Pellets yesterday morning around 9am, and I am just so amazed at how quickly the supplements come. Already received from Canpar just now!! I have a terrible memory for supplements, so when they arrive so quickly, my horses never fall off their schedule, it’s truly awesome. Really amazing how quickly you can order and receive the package from Mad Barn.

I do buy the 2.5kg bag, the only down fall is the packaging, I find it really hard to get a full scoop out of the bag because of the way the sides are enclosed. Other than that, I absolutely love supporting this company.

Britney Hensman
Élisabeth Liz Lombart
June 6, 2017
Vaudreuil, Quebec
Instructor at Dragon Rider Coaching

Hi, i would like to share here my horse story.

he was given to me in February 2016 because of his persisting lameness. after a few month of turn out (he had been in stall rest for the last 2 year) and a weight loss) his lameness was a better but not cured. so we got xray done to know the reason of the lameness since the previous owner was not able to explain it to us when the horse was given.

see my shared post for the radio.

the horse was then diagnosed with a ostéitis of the 3rd phalanges. the vet was not optimistic aboit it but when he saw my sorrow he said that maybe a mineral reinforcement would help the tissues regenerate. So i had heard a lot of good about MadBarn and their supplements are and were the most complete i could find without driving for hours to go get them.

in August we started him on the omeneity.

recently he stayed sound even with some riding walk trot canter so i decided i would insure that he was also doing good inside that foot.
if you look at the 2nd xray you can see the bones density is clearly higher. the only change in this horse life was turnout and the omeneity supplement.

so I THANK YOU MADBARN AND SCOTT for this my horse is now not only confortable but sound again. nutrition is key of many problem.
i also thank my vet and farrier for helping me find ways to help my horse.

Premier Radio: 2016 Osteite de la 3 ieme phalange boiterie

2 ieme Radio 2017 11 mois après et 10 mois après début de Omneity offert par MadBarn Inc. au lieu des minéraux dans les moulées. pu de boiterie
La densité osseuse n’est déjà plus la même.

Élisabeth Liz LombartÉlisabeth Liz LombartÉlisabeth Liz LombartÉlisabeth Liz Lombart
Mad Barn Supplment Review
Wendy MacCoubrey
May 24, 2017
Hudson, Quebec

Mad Barn has some GREAT products and knowledge behind them – I wouldn’t do as well with my horses without their products! Thank You Mad Barn.

Andrea Pouw
Andrea Pouw
May 17, 2017

Love the visceral! I noticed a difference in his behaviour within 2 weeks.

Andrea Pouw
Virginia Knox
Virginia Knox
May 15, 2017
Cherrylane Equestrian Centre Inc.

Amazing products!!!! I highly recommend to anyone!

Virginia Knox
Stephanie Briggs
May 2, 2017

Speedy delivery for a great product!!! Bonus that all the prices listed on the website include free shipping too! I really recommend this product to all horse owners!

Stephanie BriggsStephanie Briggs
Cassandra Jessop
April 20, 2017
Newmarket, Ontario
Jessop Dressage

I used Visceral + for a gelding with a bad case of [redacted] and it has completely [redacted]! I also use the very cost effective Optimum probiotic everyday for my two FEI horses.

*** Parts of this testimonial have been redacted to comply with Health Canada Regulations ***

Cassandra JessopCassandra Jessop
Brittany Kennedy
February 14, 2017

Sam is a horse that’s very hard on himself when traveling to go race. When discussing his need for something to help him stay calm on race day as well as something to help his body recuperate from the stress, AJ immediately suggested Visceral. I noticed a difference in his appetite within 2 weeks & now, after 6 weeks, the difference in his appearance is more than apparent; carrying more weight than ever, his coat shines and he is covered in dapples in mid January! His last race was his least stressed outing yet, his best performance in months & not a morsel of food was left uneaten following race day.

Brittany KennedyBrittany Kennedy
Tamara Hook
November 13, 2016
Stratford, Ontario
Cavalier Equestrian Inc.

My daughter recently decided that she wants to bring back our 23 yr old Broodmare into work .. So we decided that we would try your visceral + with her as she had a few behaviour issues and was showing signs of stressing with stall walking and hard keeper to my standards..

I’m glad to report that after only 10 days on the trial size container, the old lady is doing amazing and we have seen huge changes in her attitude and work ethic..


This is second horse we have used visceral with and it works wonders…

Tamara HookTamara Hook
Kimberley Dawn
September 3, 2016

I finally found a more reasonable vitamin supplement that carried what Summer needed. They offer organic selenium and many other minerals. I have to share my experience:

I called and Spoke with Scott the owner, who has a Masters of science in Nutrition and 10 plus years experience. He was very forth coming that they add in synthetic vitamin e to their supplements to help with cost but offer extra organic vitamin e as customers in Ontario ask for it. He had great advice on mowing hay in the morning vs night for a pssm horse etc. We discussed extra organic vitamin e and he said he would make me up some with a little flavour etc. I ordered the regular supplements while I waited on a quote for the organic e.

Well Today I got the vitamins in the mail, with my organic vitamin e. He sent it to me, to get summers levels where they needed to be and then explained after it was gone, the new supplements he made for summer will keep her where she needs to be. So impressed. There was no hidden labels, no “false advertising” iHe just wanted to see her get better. That is what every needs for a supplement supplier. Thank you so much!!!



My little pssm horse is doing so much better since her switch to madbarn vitamins, her selenium and vitamin e levels are back to normal and I am starting to see muscle regrowth. Thank you so much, putting in my second order today!

Kimberley DawnKimberley Dawn
Ashley Bull
June 5, 2016

Meet Bam Bam. She’s enjoying Visceral+ as well as MB’s oil. I am more than pleased with not only Bam’s physical appearance but her overall change in demeanour around the barn! Notice rib coverage, and how she’s filling out over her rump and around her shoulder and whither area. Each month she is progressively filling out and gaining muscle however notice how she’s really starting to shine?


Here’s Polly after being on Optimum Probiotic for one month! Feeling good inside, looking good outside

Ashley BullAshley BullAshley BullAshley Bull
Martin Lachance
May 31, 2016
Guelph, Ontario
Horse Trainer at Martin Lachance Racing

Since I started using the Mad Barn products on Wild and Crazy Guy. I have noticed a remarkable difference in his eating habits and overall well being. He has stepped up his racing game and looks amazing. I now have my entire barn on Mad Barn products.

Martin LachanceMartin Lachance
Dr. Ian Moore
March 4, 2016

As a trainer, I am a firm believer in daily electrolyte supplementation for all our horses during the training and racing stages and I look for quality of product, palatability (in water) and cost. Mad Barn’s Performance XL: Electrolytes fits the bill for me and all our stable. One of our top 3 year olds, Rockin In Heaven, always lost lots of electrolytes while trucking and racing in the NYSS program, and Mad Barn’s Performance XL: Electrolyte helped keep him on the right track to earn over $367,000 last year. Top product for an important aspect of daily conditioning

Dr. Ian MooreDr. Ian Moore
Natalie Elliott
October 13, 2015
Clinton, Ontario

Thor was back at the races in harness tonight after a few months off! He finished a fantastic 3rd place! Shout out to Mad Barn (www.madbarn.com) for some Crazy Good supplements Thor has been on contributing to his great effort tonight! And the lovely shirt I have to ride in. thank you!!

Natalie ElliottNatalie ElliottNatalie Elliott