//Chromium for Horses – Benefits for Insulin Sensitivity & Metabolic Health/
Chromium for Horses - Benefits for Insulin Sensitivity & Metabolic Health
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Chromium is a micromineral that is widely used in horses with metabolic dysfunction because it has been shown to enhance the effects of insulin.

Chromium helps horses maintain healthy blood glucose levels by increasing insulin’s ability to bind to its receptor on cells.

This means that insulin can more effectively move glucose out of the bloodstream and into cells where it can serve as a source of energy or be safely stored.

Chromium supplementation has been shown to improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in horses. This is particularly important for overweight horses who are at higher risk for insulin resistance.

Chromium helps regulate fat and protein metabolism and contributes to overall good metabolic health.

Chromium has also been shown to benefit performance horses by decreasing lactate levels during exercise. This can delay muscle fatigue and improve tolerance to intense exercise.

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