//Part 1 – Laminitis in Horses: Overview – Mad Barn – Vet Talk/
Part 1 - Laminitis in Horses: Overview - Mad Barn - Vet Talk
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Laminitis is the most serious disease of the equine foot and the second biggest killer of horses behind colic. It is estimated that 1 in 10 horses in the United States will be diagnosed with laminitis at some point in their lifetime, and a majority of those horses will develop severe or chronic lameness.

Join Dr. Fran Rowe, one of Mad Barn’s Veterinary Nutritionists, for Part 1 of a two-part series on laminitis in horses. In this first video, Dr. Rowe will discuss the definition of laminitis, normal hoof anatomy, the structures involved in laminitis, and the mechanisms of laminitis.

Watch Part 2 here: https://youtu.be/OVQbRxWriWc

By definition, laminitis describes inflammation of the laminae of the hoof. The laminae are finger-like projections arising from the coffin bone and internal hoof capsule that link together, effectively suspending the coffin bone within the hoof capsule. Inflammation of this structure damages the structural integrity of the hoof, leading to instability and debilitating pain.

Equine laminitis remains an active area of research, as there is still a lot that the scientific and veterinary communities don’t understand about the disease. At present, research has identified three unique mechanisms of laminitis:

– Endocrinopathic laminitis, which is associated with metabolic disorders that result in hyperinsulinemia

– Endotoxemic or sepsis-induced laminitis, which is associated with inflammatory events that result in severe systemic inflammation

– Mechanical overload laminitis, in which excessive concussion or weight-bearing impairs blood flow to the hoof

In the Part 2 video, Dr. Rowe goes into more detail about endocrinopathic laminitis specifically, reviewing metabolic disease, the clinical signs of laminitis, and prevention strategies. So be sure to check back to continue learning about equine laminitis!

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