//Supporting your Horse’s Gut Health/
Supporting your Horse’s Gut Health
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Are you looking to improve your horse’s gut health? This webinar is for you!

You’ve probably heard that 70% of your horse’s immune system is found in the gut. But did you know that microbes in the hindgut help synthesize nutrients responsible for hoof health, energy metabolism and more?

In this webinar, Scott and Elissa from Mad Barn will discuss the principles of optimal gut health in horses. Join us to learn how to feed your horse to support digestive health and reduce the risk of colic, ulcers and other common problems.

With over 20 years of experience as an equine nutritionist, Scott Cieslar has dedicated his life to helping horse owners put research into practice.

Get your questions answered by an expert and learn how to keep your horse healthy from the inside out. RSVP and submit any questions you have!