Want an easy and convenient way to learn more about horses? Nothing is better than a podcast for immersing yourself in equine education while you’re on the go.

Hundreds of free horse podcasts are available online, covering nearly every topic related to horse health, management, training and more. From barrel racing to equine business, and clicker training to retired racehorses, there’s a show tailored to every interest.

It can be hard to find time to fit everything in when you spend long days at the barn. But podcasts let you learn while mucking stalls, cleaning tack, driving to shows, or even riding your horse.

The best horse podcasts often feature interviews with top equine professionals, share inspirational stories, cover the latest industry news, and take deep dives into equine science.

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a list of the top 101 horse podcasts for you to listen to. Keep reading to learn more about the most popular podcasts in every category, and check them out on your favorite streaming platform.

Educational Horse Podcasts

These educational horse podcasts help owners improve their understanding of the science behind horse care, nutrition, management, and training. Many feature conversations with leading equine scientists about their research, providing valuable insights and advice for both novice and seasoned horse owners.

1. Mad About Horses

Mad About Horses is the definitive podcast for all equine enthusiasts who want to learn more about their horses. This podcast explores the history, physiology, behaviour, and management of horses with Dr. Chris Mortensen, Ph.D., an award-winning equine scientist, educator, and podcaster.

Mad About Horses is dedicated to making the world a better place for all horses by increasing access to high-quality free equine education. Episodes cover diverse topics from the ancient history of horse domestication to the latest advances in equine research.

This podcast is for anyone who wants to better understand the horses in their lives, whether you’re an owner, professional rider, breeder, or simply a horse lover.

Mad About Horses
Join Dr. Chris Mortensen, PhD on an exciting adventure into the story of the horse and learn how we can make the world a better place for all equines.
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Mad Barn - Equine Nutrition Consultants | Mad Barn USA

2. Mad Barn Academy

The Mad Barn Academy Podcast allows horse owners and riders to learn about equine nutrition, health, and welfare topics in an accessible audio format.

Episodes cover topics featured in Mad Barn Academy articles, discussing science-backed feeding and management strategies to support your horse’s performance and well-being. Veterinarians, researchers and equine nutritionists review all content published on the blog.

Want to learn more? You can find the latest research-based information on even more horse management, nutrition, and equine health subjects in articles from Mad Barn Academy.

3. Horse Tip Daily

Horse Tip Daily is a short podcast that fits tips and information from top industry professionals into your daily routine. Listeners can learn tips about various equine topics from a new expert almost daily on this show from Horse Radio Network.

4. Equine Innovators

Hosted by the editors of The Horse, Equine Innovators interviews University of Kentucky equine researchers to discuss how the latest science impacts how we care for and understand our horses.

5. Conversations in Equine Science

In this podcast, equine scientists Kate Acton and Nancy McLean discuss recently published research studies to help bridge the gap between horse owners and the scientific community. Listen to Conversations in Equine Science on Spotify.

6. Pony Club Podcast

As the official podcast of the United States Pony Clubs, Inc., the Pony Club Podcast connects one of the world’s most well-respected equine education organizations with listeners of all ages.

Equestrian Lifestyle Podcasts

Podcasts dedicated to the equestrian lifestyle podcasts a variety of topics related to the equine industry for entertainment or educational purposes. Episodes that include interviews with different equestrians, the latest industry news stories, and thought-provoking conversations.

7. Horses in the Morning

Horses in the Morning is a leading daily podcast for horse lovers. The hosts lead a light, entertaining look at the horse world and horse people with unique segments, exciting guests, training tips, listener call-ins, contests, and more.

8. Equestrian Voices

Equestrian Voices from Noelle Floyd delves into the stories, emotions, and lives of the equestrian world. This podcast isn’t afraid to cover everything we don’t talk about in equestrian life and often features insightful, vulnerable, human conversation with riders of all backgrounds.

9. The Equestrian Podcast

The Equestrian Podcast started as a way for host Bethany Lee to talk to interesting people and top professionals from throughout the horse world and has grown into one of the most listened-to podcasts in the industry.

Check out Bethany’s interview with Mad Barn founder Scott Ciesler in episode 196.

10. Heels Down Happy Hour

Heels Down Happy Hour is a fun podcast from Heels Down Spark, which also publishes a daily equestrian newsletter. Episodes feature informative discussions about the horse world in an informal setting where guests often share recipes for their favourite beverages.

11. The Horse & Hound Podcast

In this podcast from a prolific equestrian publication, Horse & Hound editors host interviews with leading equestrian figures and panel discussions on the most pressing topics in the horse world that week. Find The Horse & Hound Podcast on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcasting platform.

12. Canada Horse Podcast

Hosted by Nikki and Nadine of Informed Equestrian, Canada Horse Podcast focuses on the Canadian horse industry with informative and entertaining conversations. Listen to their discussion with Mad Barn founder Scott Ciesler in Season 2, Episode 33.

13. The Equestrian Connection Podcast

The Equestrian Connection podcast host, Danielle Crowell, talks about everything related to the horse industry with industry experts, trainers, and horse people from all over the world. Check out Mad Barn founder Scott Ciesler’s discussion with Danielle in episode 13.

14. Barn Banter by Horse Illustrated

Barn Banter brings together two hosts from the Western and English worlds to dive into every corner of the equestrian world with fun conversation and insightful interviews.

15. Horse Talk Podcast

Horse Talk Podcast is a new podcast from the Mid-South Horse Review. This podcast gives a platform for professionals and leaders in the equine industry to discuss everything about life with horses.

Horse Health Podcasts

Horse health podcasts cover topics related to equine care, nutrition, management, and diseases. These podcasts often include interviews with veterinarians and other equine healthcare professionals.

16. Ask TheHorse

Hosted by the team behind TheHorse, the Ask TheHorse podcast provides answers to listener questions from leading veterinarians, researchers, and experts. Popular topics include equine health care and management.

17. The Humble Hoof

The Humble Hoof Podcast focuses on equine hoof health and care. Episodes with host and hoof care professional Alicia Harlov feature valuable discussions and expert interviews.

Listen to Alicia’s interview with Mad Barn Founder Scott Ciesler about the impacts of nutrition on hoof health in episode 20 and episode 21.

18. Straight from the Horse Doctor’s Mouth

Show host Justin Long discusses horse health care topics with equine veterinarian Dr. Erica Lacher in Straight from the Horse Doctor’s Mouth, the official podcast of Springhill Equine Veterinary Clinic.

19. The Equine Connection Podcast

The Equine Connection Podcast from Tribute Superior Equine Nutrition shares helpful advice and tips from an equine nutritionist to help horse owners better care for their horses.

20. The Horse First: A Veterinary Sport Horse Podcast

The Horse First is a veterinarian-hosted podcast that covers health topics related to sport horse performance and management. The goal of this podcast is to help owners, riders, and trainers better understand their horse’s needs.

21. Disease Du Jour

Disease Du Jour is a podcast series from EquiManagement about equine health problems for equine veterinarians, vet techs, vet students, and horse industry professionals. Merck Animal Health sponsors the podcast.

22. Healthy Critters Radio

Healthy Critters Radio by Biostar US focuses on the health, nutrition, behaviour, and management of horses and other companion animals.

23. Feed Room Chemist: An Equine Nutrition Podcast

Stride Animal Health and Bluebonnet Feeds equine nutritionist Dr. Jyme Nichols hosts this podcast dedicated to horse nutrition. Feed Room Chemist which debunks popular myths, explores unique case studies, and breaks down research data to give horse owners real-world feeding advice.

24. EquiConnect Equine Podcast

EquiConnect Equine Podcast from McKee-Pownall Equine Services features case-based conversations and discussions with equine veterinarians about interesting horse health topics.

Horsemanship Podcasts

These horsemanship podcasts cover horse training, management, and equine welfare topics with practical advice, personal insight, and interviews with top professionals.

25. Horsemanship Radio Show

Horsemanship Radio from Monty Roberts Online University features tips, interviews, and segments exploring good horsemanship hosted by Monty Roberts’ daughter, Debbie Roberts Loucks.

26. Train Your Own Horse with Stacy Westfall

Stacy Westfall’s podcast educates and empowers equestrians to understand, enjoy, and successfully train their own horses. In each episode of Train Your Own Horse, Stacy shares her knowledge and the stories behind her struggles and successes to help horse owners at all levels.

27. EquiTheory

Jill Treece of JETEquiTheory hosts the EquiTheory podcast, which focuses on the science and connection behind all things horsemanship from the perspective of a relatable equestrian.

28. Making Milestones

Making Milestones by Shelby Dennis discusses topics related to equine behaviour, science, welfare, training, and more. Check out Shelby’s interview with Mad Barn’s founder, Scott Ciesler, in this episode.

29. The Willing Equine Podcast

The Willing Equine aims to help improve the relationship between horses and humans by encouraging science-based and ethically-minded horse management and training.

30. Daily Strides Podcast

Short episodes of the Daily Strides Podcast feature step-by-step guidance for equestrians who want to develop their skills in the saddle. In addition to being informational, the podcast also emphasizes fun and inspiration in your riding.


31. Equine Clicker 101

Equine Clicker 101 is a unique hands-on podcast for equestrians who want to learn how to use positive reinforcement with their horses. Host Shawna Karrasch takes listeners step by step through exercises so they can work with their horses while listening to the podcast.

32. Be Your Best Horsemanship

Hosted by a professional horse trainer and clinician, Phil Haugen, Be Your Best Horsemanship explains the methods, mindset, and tips behind his training philosophy to help owners improve their horsemanship.

33. Horsemanship Breakthroughs Podcast

The Horsemanship Breakthroughs podcast offers training and riding insights that help owners develop their horses into happy, light, and willing partners.

34. Horse Training in Harmony

In her podcast Horse Training in Harmony, Dressage Naturally creator Karen Rohlf helps riders learn how to advance up the levels with their equine partner without sacrificing equine welfare and their relationship.

English Discipline Podcasts

These podcasts focus on a specific English discipline and include dressage podcasts, eventing podcasts, and hunter/jumper podcasts.

35. Practical Horseman

The Practical Horseman Podcast provides instructive content on training, riding, competition, and horse care for riders in all English disciplines. Episodes of this podcast feature conversations with top riders, industry leaders, and equine experts.

36. The Plaidcast

The Plaidcast is a weekly podcast from the Plaid Horse that covers the hunter/jumper industry and offers valuable advice for riders at every level. Guests include Olympians, top trainers, horse show managers, and other industry insiders.

37. Dressage Radio Show

Dressage Radio Show is the longest-running podcast about the sport of dressage. It is the official podcast of the United States Dressage Federation and hosted by grand prix dressage riders who conduct exciting interviews, share book reviews, and cover dressage news.

38. Equiratings Eventing Podcast

Equiratings Eventing Podcast offers a lighthearted, data-fueled journey into the eventing world. Weekly episodes feature previews, reviews, and analysis of top eventing competitions and insights from top riders.

39. How to Dressage

How to Dressage breaks down dressage movements and training into easy-to-understand concepts to help riders develop their horses correctly, earn higher scores, and compete successfully.

40. USHJA On Course

As the official podcast of the United States Hunter Jumper Association, On Course introduces listeners to call aspects of the sport and shares tips from top professionals, juniors, and amateurs from across the industry,

41. Dressage Today Podcast

Dressage Today Podcast mixes educational resources and inspiring interviews with the top riders to help dressage enthusiasts learn more about all corners of the dressage world.

42. Sport Horse Podcast

Hosted by Equine High-Performance Sports Group members, the Sport Horse Podcast explores the science behind training and management techniques that help optimize performance in top sport horses.

43. Dressage with Amelia

Dressage with Amelia is an educational podcast based on recordings of Q&A sessions with grand prix dressage trainer Amelia Newcomb. Episodes cover a variety of dressage topics from basic to advanced.

44. USEA Podcast

This official podcast of the United States Eventing Association covers all topics related to eventing and features interviews with top riders and competitors. Listen to the USEA Podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Western Discipline Podcasts

These podcasts for Western riders focus on popular Western disciplines, including barrel racing, roping, and reining.

45. The Ride

The Ride is a bi-weekly podcast from Horse&Rider, a leading publication covering today’s Western horse life. Editor Nichole Chirico chats with the industry’s top professionals to share stories, training philosophies, and more with listeners.

46. Barrel Talk Barrel Racing

Barrel Horse World’s Barrel Talk podcast covers various topics about everything in the barrel racing industry, with training tips and interviews with the best performers.

47. Along for the Ride with Andrea Fappani

NRHA 5.7 Million Dollar Rider Andrea Fappani hosts Along for the Ride available on Apple Podcasts. This show shares conversations inside and outside the reining arena about how others approach excellence and mastery in the horse industry.

48. The Barrel Horse Life Podcast

The Barrel Horse Life Podcast features stories from the rodeo road and conversations with world champions. The host also shares lots of laughs with listeners who love barrel racing.

49. Let’s Talk AQHA

This podcast from the American Quarter Horse Association brings together experts and leaders in the Quarter Horse industry to spotlight the breed’s versatility, athleticism, and legacy. Find Let’s Talk AQHA wherever you listen to podcasts.

50. Cowhorse Full Contact

Cowhorse Full Contact is a podcast for the reined cowhorse industry that discusses stories and topics with top NRCHA trainers and competitors.

51. The Money Barrel

The Money Barrel is the official podcast of Barrel Racing Magazine. This show highlights the people and stories behind the barrel racing industry, from million-dollar riders to local legends.

52. The Breakaway Breakdown

The Breakaway Breakdown Podcast, presented by the Breakaway Roping Journal, provides coverage of the horses and athletes of breakaway roping events. Every episode of this bi-weekly podcast features an interview with top competitors and influencers.

53. The Score

The Score us a weekly podcast from The Team Roping Journal that covers the inside story of the roping industry’s leaders and iconic moments.

Equine Business Podcasts

These equestrian business podcasts provide tips and insights to entrepreneurs and professionals in the equine industry.

54. Equestrian B2B

The Equestrian B2B podcast explores what makes equestrian businesses thrive and helps listeners learn how to start and maintain a successful business. Episodes feature engaging conversations with business leaders from all areas of the equine industry.

55. Equestrian Author Spotlight Podcast

In this podcast, equestrian author Carly Kade interviews equine writers who share inspiring stories about horses and writing. Episodes include writing advice and marketing tips for aspiring authors. Find the Equestrian Author Spotlight Podcast on the Carly Kade Creative website.

56. Equestrian Business Podcast

The The Equestrian Business Podcast shares the tools, strategies, and philosophy behind building an equestrian business with plenty of dry humour and no unnecessary fluff.

57. Cowboy Entrepreneur

Cowboy Entrepreneur by Scott Knudsen is an uplifting talk show from a ranch owner, business major, and 5th-generation cowboy. Episodes take listeners behind the scenes at the crossroads of horses and business.

58. Beyond the Saddle

The Beyond the Saddle podcast explores careers in the equine industry through interviews with different professionals about their career paths and the roles of horses in their daily lives.

59. The Business of Practice

The Business of Practice is a podcast specifically for equine veterinarians, vet techs, and vet students. Episodes focus on the human, business, and financial aspects of practicing veterinary medicine.

60. Stall and Stable

Stall and Stable focuses on advice for managing and maintaining horse properties. Episodes share ideas, products, and strategies for creating the best environment for horses.

Equestrian Wellness Podcasts

These equestrian wellness podcasts focus on the rider and cover fitness, mental health, mindset, and life balance.

61. Hitting Your Stride

Hitting Your Stride is a life coaching podcast from Equestrian Elements. Host Tracey Mitchell discusses life in and out of the saddle and interviews guests to help listeners hit their stride in their own lives.

Check out her interview about the passion and purpose behind Mad Barn with founder Scott Ciesler in episode 67.

62. Equestrian Performance Mindset

The  Equestrian Performance Mindset podcast teaches equestrians how to reframe failure, improve performance, build confidence, and achieve fulfillment in and out of the saddle.

63. Athletic Equestrian: Riding in College Podcast

Collegiate varsity equestrian coach Sally Barton hosts interviews with other coaches, riders, and college organizations to give young riders a peek into what it takes to ride in college in this podcast. Listen to Athletic Equestrian on Libsyn.

64. Equestrian Perspective

Felicity Davies’ Equestrian Perspective podcast is for heart-centered equestrians who want to deepen their connection with themselves and their horses.

65. The Confident Rider

The Confident Rider Podcast explores how riders can transform into responsive, adaptable, and confident horsepeople through movement, education, and biomechanics.

66. Inspired Riding Podcast

Hosted by a certified instructor and RTT practitioner, the Inspired Riding Podcast encourages equestrians to slow down, listen to their horses, and trust their intuition.

Horse Racing Podcasts

These podcasts focus on the horse racing industry and feature news stories, interviews, and analysis from racing industry experts.

67. Retired Racehorse Radio

Retired Racehorse Radio is the ultimate guide to adopting, training, and caring for retired racehorses. The podcast focuses on off-the-track thoroughbreds and highlights successful OTTBs in their second careers.

68. Horse Racing Heroes

Sponsored by Horse Racing Ireland, this podcast doesn’t include betting tips or news. Instead, every episode focuses on a great horse or human in racing history. Interviews in Horse Racing Heroes uncover untold stories and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the sport of horse racing.

69. The Horse Racing Radio Network

The Horse Racing Radio Network features playbacks of talk shows, conversations, and interviews with leaders in the Thoroughbred racing industry.

70. TDN Podcast

TDN Podcast from Thoroughbred Daily News is a weekly podcast featuring in-depth coverage of the biggest stories in Thoroughbred racing. The Thoroughbred Daily News is the largest Thoroughbred digital newspaper worldwide.

71. Sporting Life Racing

This weekly podcast focuses on betting insight for the horse racing industry from top racing tipsters and an expert panel of guests. Find Sporting Life Racing on Apple Podcasts.

72. Gate to Wire

Gate to Wire, presented by Past the Wire, discusses topics from every facet of horse racing with hosts Jonathan Stettin and Michael Vale. Episodes include special guest interviews and breaking horse racing news.

Other Equine Podcasts

Still looking for the right equine podcast for you? Check out these other top horse podcasts from every category.

73. Equus on Audio

Equus on Audio episodes provide an audio version of popular equine articles published in Equus Magazine for easy listening. The Equus Magazine content library has several decades of content providing information to help owners take the best care of their horses.

74. 3 Things from Equus

3 Things from Equus is a monthly podcast from Equus Magazine that highlights three specific aspects of horse management for owners to focus on in the month ahead. These short podcast episodes are ideal for busy owners who need help prioritizing their horse-related tasks.

75. AskAnnie Podcast

Host Annie Kennedy explores trends impacting the equine product sector in AskAnnie, a podcast that brings horse owners reviews of popular horse products to help them make better buying decisions.

76. Adulting with Horses

Adulting with Horses is a self-described podcast for weird horse girls that discusses popular culture in the horse world. Hosts Natalie Keller Reinert and Heather Wallace invite listeners to share laughs and have a great time in each bi-monthly episode.

77. Wisdom By WESA

Wisdom By WESA is a podcast for equine business professionals interested in the Western and English horse worlds. This podcast features interviews with noteworthy personalities and shares news relevant to all equine manufacturers, retailers, and sales reps.

78. Equestrian Legends

Equestrian Legends is an intermittent podcast which features the stories and celebrates the lives of horse people from all disciplines who became legends in their lifetimes.

79. The Driving Radio Show

This podcast celebrates the thrill of carriage driving with entertaining discussions about the world of competitive and recreational driving. Glen Hebert, the founder of the Horse Radio Network, hosts the The Driving Radio Show with veterinarian Dr. Wendy Ying.

80. Sleep Stories for Equestrians

Looking for a relaxing way to fall asleep? The Sleep Stories for Equestrians podcast helps listeners unwind while listening to calming classic and contemporary horse stories. Episodes also include soothing music and sound effects to help create a peaceful atmosphere.

81. Olivia Towers Podcast

Influencer and Grand Prix dressage rider Olivia Towers talks about her personal journey with horses and interviews top equestrian athletes to help listeners build a resilient mindset and progress in their riding journey. You can listen to the Olivia Towers Podcast on Apple Podcasts.

82. Esme’s Country Life

Equestrian content creator Esme Higgs chats about all things horse and country in her podcast, Esme’s Country Life. Listeners also get behind-the-scenes insight into her equestrian social media channels.

83. In the Ring Pedigree Podcast

In The Ring Pedigree Podcast talks about relevant news and issues in the breeding and sales business, focusing on two-year-old horse racing. This show is informative for both industry professionals and horseplayers.

84. Equiosity

The Equiosity podcast promotes endless curiosity about horses. Episodes cover all things horse with a significant emphasis on the horse-human bond.

85. The Horse Podcast

The Horse Podcast with equestrian journalist Rebecca Ashton features interviews with riders at the top of their sport. Her interviews are transcribed for the Horse Magazine, but the podcast lets horse enthusiasts listen in on these intriguing conversations.

86. Daily Vet Life

Designed for equine veterinarians and their staff, Daily Vet Life explores topics in business and medicine for the veterinary industry.

87. Canter Therapy

The Canter Therapy podcast from Dr. Shelley Appleton of Calm Willing Confident Horses and Kathryn Christieson of Firenza Park Equine Services provides balanced training and horse care discussions.

88. Strong in the Saddle

Strong in the Saddle is a Western horsemanship and lifestyle podcast that combines horse care, equestrian fitness, horsemanship, and Western life into weekly episodes.

89. Celebs with Horses

Celebs with Horses highlights well-known celebrities who love horses. This fun podcast talks to your favourite stars about their lives with horses and the surprising horsey stories that connect them to all horse lovers.

90. The Classic Series Redrive

The Classic Series Redrive from the North American Six-Horse Hitch Classic Series covers the six-horse hitch industry. Episodes feature in-depth conversations with breeds, exhibitors, and chairpersons.

91. Feelin’ Fine Equine

Morgan Stephens, CERP, hosts Feelin’ Fine Equine, a podcast about every aspect of the horse industry. Episodes feature informative discussions with equine experts in rehabilitation, therapy, nutrition, and more.

92. The NRG Podcast

The NRG Podcast shares conversations between professional athletes, trainers, and amateurs who love horses. Episodes feature stories from the hosts and their guests about their equine adventures.

93. Equestrian Adventuresses

Equestrian Adventuresses is a podcast for horsewomen who love to travel. The show features the stories of outstanding women and their inspiring adventures in unique destinations. Some guests also discuss the challenges of moving and starting horse businesses abroad.

94. The 3 Stride Podcast

This weekly podcast hosted by three adult amateurs who love equestrian gossip and horses features humorous and honest conversations about the equestrian world. Their discussions are particularly relatable for other adult amateurs navigating lives with horses. Find The 3 Stride Podcast on your favorite podcasting app.

95. Equestrian Hub Podcast

Equestrian Hub Podcast episodes include interviews with elite riders and industry experts from all disciplines. This podcast helps horse lovers stay inspired and informed by listening to conversations with veterinarians, farriers, trainers, and brand owners from across the globe.

96. Equestrian Experience

Olympic eventer Amanda Ross and international showjumper Bex Mason host the The Equestrian Experience. This podcast allows high-profile equestrians, brands, and equine professionals to share their experiences with horse owners.

97. I am an Equestrian – Le Podcast<

I am an Equestrian is an equestrian lifestyle podcast with episodes in English and French. The podcast features interviews with prominent figures in the equestrian industry from around the world and top riders from several disciplines.

98. In the Barn

The In the Barn podcast features honest conversations about the topics that matter most to horses and the humans who love them. The hosts uncover the research or lack of research behind popular equine products and discuss trending topics in the equine industry.

99. Horse People

Horse People Podcast tells the story of everyday equestrians and the lives they’ve built in the equine industry. This podcast interviews entrepreneurs, riders, and equine professionals to uncover the narrative journeys in the horse world.

100. Buck Off Banter

Buck Off Banter is a fun podcast that takes a lighthearted look at the equestrian world as hosts Katie and Karla discuss the chaos of balancing horses, work, home, and family. Episodes are familiar to the banter equestrians commonly hear in the barn aisles.

101. The Holistic Horse

The Holistic Horse podcast by Keira Byrnes explores how equestrians can integrate body, mind, and soul into horse care to support whole horse health and help our equine partners live their best lives.


Finding great equine knowledge and entertainment has never been easier with this list of the top 101 horse podcasts. Covering a wide range of topics from health to training, there’s something here for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newfound equestrian enthusiast.

Are you starting a new horse podcast? Did we miss one of your favorite shows? Leave us a comment and we will be happy to add your show to our list!

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