Equine Services in London, Ontario

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    Allyson MacDonald, DVM,
    Briar Quest Farm, , , ,
    Caralot Country Clothier & Pet Supplies, ,
    Cargill Animal Nutrition – Arkona,
    Cargill Animal Nutrition – Strathroy,
    Carrie Stilson,
    Catherine Kennard, DVM,
    Charles Fuerth, DVM,
    Chris Robson, DVM,
    Crossan Equine Services,
    Debbie McFadden,
    Donna Van Segbrook, DVM,
    Doug Clark, APF,
    EQ Body Worx, , ,
    Ghost Hollow Farms and Tack Shop, ,
    Greg Young, DVM,
    Hailey Thorpe,
    Hannah Vendryes,
    Hayes Cofell Performance Horses, , , , , ,
    Hensall Co-op – Zurich,
    Hoof and Tails Tack Shop, ,
    Irene Moore, DVM,
    Janice Williams,
    Janine Langley,
    Jeffery Durnin (Shane), DVM,
    Jess Cofell, ,
    JLangley Coaching, , , ,
    Joanne Rafuse, DVM,
    Karla Josephson, DVM,
    Kathryn Crossan, DVM,
    Katie Crossan, DVM, cVMA, ,
    Keith Douglas, DVM,
    Kendra Hoey, DVM,
    Kenneth O’Donnell,
    Kenpal Farm Products,
    Lakeside Grain & Feed – Forest,
    Lakeside Grain & Feed – Melbourne,
    Lakeside Grain & Feed – Petrolia,
    Lambton Veterinary Services,
    Laura Palumbo, DVM,
    Laura Van Helten, DVM,
    Lindsay Hayes-Cofell,
    Lindsay Stevens,
    Lotje Kouwenberg, DVM,
    Maefield Horse Farm, , ,
    Mane Passion Stables, , , ,
    Maureen O’Brien, DVM,
    Michelle Trgovcevic, CEMT,
    Nancy Robinson, DVM,
    New Life Mills – Wyoming,
    Paul Edwards, DVM,
    Peter Tichbourne, APF-I,
    Phil Jorna,
    Phil Vinet,
    Robert Boyce, DVM,
    Sara Dwyer,
    Sarah Ryan
    Shayla Harvey, BVM&S, MRCVS,
    Stonecreek Friesians, ,
    Tara Foy, DVM,
    Thorpe Stables, , , ,
    Twin Streams Equestrian Centre, , , , ,
    Twinbrook Farms,
    Wayne Carroll, DVM,
    Western Ontario Equine Services,
    Wilson’s – Western Fair Raceway,


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