Equine Services in Sudbury, Ontario

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    Ahmad Elghoboshy, DVM,
    Alex Shaw, APF,
    Amy Gaw, DVM,
    Anne Finkler,
    Athavan Thangarajah, DVM,
    Bethany Brown, DVM,
    Christine Faux,
    Constance Dancho, DVM,
    Crystal Throop, DVM,
    Diane Bélanger-Gardner,
    Edwin Butterworth, DVM,
    Ever After Equestrian Services, , , ,
    Frances Brisebois,
    Frits Verzijlenberg, DVM,
    Greenhawk – Sudbury,
    Hill Berry Farm & Feed, ,
    Hillcrest Stables, , , ,
    Hui Shiang Ramkumar, DVM,
    Jessie Hopper, DVM,
    Kailaan Walker,
    Karen Barnes, HBSc, DVM, CCRT, CERP,
    KD Farm & Feed,
    Keith Good, DVM,
    Kelli Drost, DVM,
    Kim Landers, DVM,
    Lance Males, DVM,
    Lauren Tripp,
    Lydia Walker,
    Mara Parr,
    Marcie Ninness, DVM,
    Monika Stevens, DVM,
    Natalie Crockford, , , ,
    Norma De Rose, DVM,
    On the Bit Tack,
    Penny McAlpine-Clayton,
    PMC Performance Horses, , , ,
    Ramasurian Ramkumar, DVM,
    Red Willows Farm,
    Sollio Agriculture – New Liskeard, ON,
    Stick and Stone Tack Shop & Feed, ,
    Strathclair Farm, , , , ,
    Teresa Perilli,
    Tracy Lapping,
    Walker Horsemanship, , ,
    West Croft Stables, , , ,


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