Equine Services in Vermont, United States

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Achille Agway – Brattleboro, VT,
Alan E Caswell, CJF,
Alice Soucy, DC, ,
Alison Cornwall, DVM, ,
Amanda Spector, DVM,
Amber Goodwin, DVM,
Amy D. Bartholomew, VMD,
Andrew Lott, DVM, ,
Anna Rosenberg, DVM,
Arlington Equine,
Aubuchon Hardware 083/Vergennes,
Aubuchon Hardware 161/Jeffersonville Vt,
Breezy Hill Farm & Feed Supply,
Burlington Equine Veterinary Services,
Camp Catherine Capers,
Champlain Adaptive Mounted Program – Champ, , , ,
Chip Orcutt, CF,
Clarendon Animal Clinic,
Cold Hollow Veterinary Services,
Community Feed Store Inc.,
Country Ag Services Inc,
Cross Border Equine,
D-N-D Stables,
Dan Hament, DVM, ,
David Loh, DVM, ,
David T. Lamb, DVM,
David Webster, DVM, ,
Diane Saunders,
Dianne Johnson, DVM,
Dominique Desrochers, DC, ,
Earl Brady, DVM,
East Hill Farm, , ,
Eleanor Warner, DVM,
Emilie Beaupre, DVM,
Emily A. Comstock, DVM,
Evergreen Equine of Vermont,
Firefly Bed & Breakfast,
Fowler Mechanical Services,
Garland’s Farm & Garden,
Gemma Gerardi, DVM,
Gregory Clark Dowd, DVM,
Guy’s Farm & Yard – Montpelier, VT,
Guy’s Farm & Yard – Morrisville, VT,
Guy’s Farm & Yard – Saint Albans, VT,
Guy’s Farm & Yard – Williston, VT,
Hawk Inn and Mountain Resort,
Heather Hoyns, DVM, ,
Hemlock Hill Farm, , , , ,
High Horses Therapeutic Riding Program, , ,
Higher Ground Boarding Stables,
Hitching Post Farm, , , , ,
Iaian Mulligan,
Jacqueline Webb, DVM,
Jaret Pullen, DVM, APF-I, ,
Jeffrey S Myrick, CJF,
Jen Bevilacqua, VMD,
Jennifer Poulin, APF-I,
Julie M. Cornell, DVM, ,
Keely Henderson, DVM,
Ken Norman, CF, APF-I,
Kimberly Farms,
Kristen Marie Clapp, DVM, ,
Large Animal Medical Associates,
Livery Horse Farm, , , ,
Lucky’s Trailer Sales – South Royalton, VT,
Lyndonville Agway,
Maple Valley Stables,
Margaret Witters, VMD,
Mark Basol, DVM, ,
Meadowbrook Equine,
Megan Rumpke, DVM,
Menard’s Farm & Home Supply,
Merck Forest & Farmland Center, ,
Mic Mac Morgan Horse Farm, ,
Molly Keefe, DC, ,
MoonRise Therapeutics, ,
Morgan Horse Farm, , ,
Mountain Top Inn & Resort,
Mountain View Ranch,
New Discovery State Park,
New Discovery State Park,
Northern Equine,
Oxbow Veterinary Clinic,
Peaceful Valley Farmstore,
Peter Brandt,
Philip D. Van Harreveld, DVM MS, ,
Pond Hill Ranch, , , ,
Poulin Lumber,
R.B. Erskine Farmstore,
Rachel A Richardson,
Randolph C. Frantz, DVM,
Randy Schaetzke, DC, ,
Reinbow Riding Center, , ,
Rhythm of the Rein, ,
Rick Bartholomew, VMD,
Robert J. Wendell, DVM MS,
S & R Stables, , , ,
S E Smith Inc,
Sam Scheu, DVM,
Southern Vermont Equine Veterinary,
Southern Vermont Therapeutic Riding Center, , ,
Stephen D Hazen Jr.,
Stephen Mark Angelos, DVM, ,
Stephen Woodard, VMD, ,
Taylor Anna Mahren, DVM,
Ted E. Johnson, DVM,
The Bunkhouse,
The Vershire Riding School,
Thomas J. Stuwe, DVM,
TNT Stables,
Top Of The Hollow Farm,
Tractor Supply Company #1117,
Tractor Supply Company #1137,
Tractor Supply Company #1340,
Tractor Supply Company #1490,
Tractor Supply Company #2342,
Tractor Supply Company #741,
Tractor Supply Company #753,
Tractor Supply Company 1340,
Tractor Supply Company 1672,
Tractor Supply Company 741,
Triple Combination Farm, , ,
Upper Ten Trailer Sales & Service,
Vermont Equine Medical,
Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm, , , , , , ,
Vermont Large Animal Clinic,
Wes Wooden, DC, ,
William Barry, DVM, ,
Windridge Camp at Teela Wooket,


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