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Farrier in British Columbia, Canada

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Alex Hamilton,
Alex Lepp, AF,
Anselmo de Santis,
Caitlin MacDonald,
Caleb Green,
Canmor Farms, , , , , ,
David N deWit, CJF,
Dean L Sinclair, CJF, FE, DipWCF,
Dean Sinclair,
Debbie Reimann,
Diane Prosser,
Dillon Kaiser,
Dustin Siewert,
Feet First Farrier Services,
Gabby Hart,
Gary Schwartz,
Gerard J Laverty, CJF, TE, AWCF,
Heather J O’Brien, CJF,
Howie Thomas,
Hunter Winship, CF,
Jack Ketel,
Jamie Poulos,
Jenn Thiele, CF,
Jeron Chmelyk, AF,
Joe McLean,
John Dixon,
Jon Perry,
Josie Hunter,
Justin Fountain,
Katelynn Sabourin,
Keith Dixon,
Ken Gimblett Farrier Services,
Kevin Gourlay,
Kevin P Gourlay, CF,
Krista D Hess,
Kristi Renz, APF,
Laird Gordon,
Lee Burritt,
Marie R Leginus, CJF,
Mark Hobby,
Martin Morris, DipWCF, APF,
Matt R Roberson, CJF,
Mile 0 Farrier Company,
Mitchell Green,
Molly Minkler, AF-I,
Nick Spencer, APF,
Nicole Jory
Rachel Gedaliya,
Rachel Vowles,
Randy Blackstock, CJF,
Randy Phillips,
Rick G Higginson, CJF,
Rowan Kohl, CF,
Russell Floyd, CJF, AWCF,
Sara Weisbrodt,
Shane Sampson,
Steven Dixon, CJF, APF,
Taylor Moore, CF,
Theresa-Marie Loeseken, CF,
Therese Loeseken,
Will Clinging,
Will Clinging, CJF,


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