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Can You Help Your Horse Live Longer?
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This podcast explores the topic of equine longevity, addressing whether horses are living longer today than in the past and how owners can contribute to their horse’s extended lifespan. Initially, it compares the life expectancy of wild horses (15-20 years) to domestic ones, which can live from 25 to over 30 years, highlighting factors such as breed, care, and nutrition.

Dr. Chris Mortensen draws human age comparisons to better illustrate horses’ aging process before delving into advancements in veterinary care, nutrition, and management practices that contribute to increased equine lifespans.

Data from the United States shows a significant rise in the population of horses over 20 years, attributed to improved healthcare and diet. The podcast emphasizes the importance of exercise, diet, regular veterinary check-ups, dental care, and disease management (focusing on Cushing’s disease/PPID) in ensuring a horse leads a long, healthy life.

Lastly, tips on managing geriatric horses and the critical role of reduced stress and comprehensive welfare practices in extending their lifespan are discussed, encouraging listeners to actively participate in their horse’s well-being for a potentially longer and healthier life.

Podcast Timeline

00:00 Welcome and Introduction: The Quest for Longer Horse Lives
00:47 Exploring Horse Longevity: Wild vs. Domestic Lifespans
01:54 Human Years vs. Horse Years: Understanding Age Comparisons
03:55 Advancements in Horse Care: Are Horses Living Longer?
09:41 The Legendary Old Billy: Learning from the World’s Oldest Horse
14:50 Exercise and Care: Key Factors in Extending Horse Lives
18:11 Challenges Facing Geriatric Horses: Health and Care Insights
23:00 Diet and Exercise: The Foundation of Horse Longevity
25:10 Unlocking the Secrets to Horse Longevity: Diet and Nutrition Insights
26:13 The Overfeeding Dilemma: Balancing Horse Diets
26:39 Equine Obesity and Its Consequences
28:06 The Importance of Diet in Preventing Equine Metabolic Syndrome
31:05 Dental Health: A Key to Horse Longevity
33:38 Vaccinations and Parasite Control: Essential Preventative Measures
35:21 Understanding and Managing Cushing’s Disease in Horses
40:10 Reducing Stress for a Healthier, Longer Horse Life
46:09 Caring for Senior Horses: Comprehensive Guide

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