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Do You Know Your Equine Emergency Management Plan?
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This podcast focuses on the importance of emergency management planning for horse owners, delving into personal experiences and expert advice to prepare for natural disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, and floods.

Dr. Chris Mortensen, an equine educator and scientist, shares insights from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and Rita, emphasizing the need for preparedness. He offers practical steps for developing an emergency management plan, including risk assessment, deciding whether to evacuate or not, preparing your horse for evacuation, and protecting your property.

Dr. Mortensen highlights the significance of having a plan for both before and after a disaster strikes, ensuring the safety of horses and horse owners alike. The podcast aims to equip listeners with the knowledge and tools to mitigate risks and enhance resilience against natural disasters, urging them to share the information and foster a community of prepared and informed horse owners.

Podcast Timeline

00:00 Introduction to Emergency Management for Horse Owners
00:29 Personal Experiences with Natural Disasters
03:30 The Importance of Emergency Management Planning
05:40 Comprehensive Guide to Preparing for Natural Disasters
12:00 Identifying Risks and Developing an Emergency Plan
17:03 Evacuation Strategies and Practical Tips
24:21 The Criticality of Planning Ahead
28:30 Critical Horse Evacuation Tips: Trailer Loading and Vaccinations
30:21 Non-Evacuation Strategies and Property Protection
33:33 Deciding Between Barn or Pasture During Disasters
42:40 Post-Disaster Safety and Recovery
45:14 Building a Comprehensive Disaster Plan

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