//W3 Oil – DHA Essential Fatty Acid Supplement for Horses/
W3 Oil - DHA Essential Fatty Acid Supplement for Horses
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w-3 Oil is an equine energy and essential fatty supplement to support your horse’s cardiovascular function, skin, joint health and weight maintenance. All the omega-3 benefits of fish oil, without the fishy smell and taste.

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w-3 Oil contains both plant and marine sources of natural fatty acids, as well as the essential fatty acid DHA, which is not found in plant sources like flax oil or camelina oil.

Supplementing fat in your horse’s diet may be beneficial at all life stages. However, w-3 Oil is more than just an equine fat supplement. It is further fortified with high levels of Vitamin E.

Horses do not obtain the long chain fatty acid DHA from their diet. They convert the essential fatty acid ALA into DHA, but the conversion is not efficient and may lead to sub-optimal levels.

Supplementing can avoid this and support cardiovascular health, joint health, weight maintenance, skin and coat quality and more.