Equine Services in Edmonton, Alberta

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    Allegra Hohm,
    Amberley Marsden,
    Angie Purves, RVT,
    Archibald Equine Veterinary,
    Ashley Bishop,
    Audrey Soldan,
    Blarney Stone Farms, , , , ,
    Bonnyville Veterinary Clinic,
    Brigitte Dempsey, RVT,
    Britt’s Equine Therapy,
    Brittany Rose,
    Brittney Toner,
    Bryan Maynard,
    Calla Martin, , ,
    Canadian Agri-Blend,
    Carole Ann Poche,
    Catherine O’Neill Reardon,
    Cheryl Anderson,
    Chris Miller,
    Chris Poburan,
    Christie Grant, RVT,
    Christina L. Osborne, DVM,
    Christine Alward,
    Christine Lindner-Buschbeck,
    Christy S. Barlund,
    CM Performance Horses, , ,
    Cointreau Stables & Tack, , , , ,
    Delaney Veterinary Services,
    Devon Ridge Farm, , ,
    Diane Dominy,
    Duke Ranches, , ,
    Equilibrado Equestrian, ,
    Excalibur Sport Horses,
    G & E Pharmacy, ,
    Greenhawk – Edmonton,
    Greg Benoit, DVM,
    H & H Massage Therapy,
    Hannah Lyons,
    Hawkstone Stables,
    Hollasch Quarter Horses, , , ,
    Irina Yastrebova,
    Isabelle Goodine,
    Jack Wartman, ,
    Jaline Munkholm,
    Jennifer Webster, DC, AVCA,
    Jesse Reichstein,
    Jessica Andriet,
    Jessica Meilleur,
    JKR Massage Therapy,
    Jocelyn Skelton, DC, AVCA,
    Kaylee Onyskevitch, RVT,
    Ken Schmuland,
    Kim Hawkes, DVM,
    Lauren Ambrose, ,
    Leah Lyons,
    Lindsey Schroeder,
    Little Mountain Stables,
    Liz Poburan,
    Lynda Tennessen,
    Lynn Macyk,
    Making it Work Equine, ,
    Maple Leaf Meadows,
    Megan Davies,
    Melanie Koetke, DVM,
    Michelle Andresen,
    Mile 26 Feeds,
    Nakiska Van Bergen, DVM,
    Neigh-Barks Feed & Pet Supply,
    Patricia Zwilling,
    Penny Radostits, RVT,
    Perfect Balance Feed,
    Putting Horse Ranch, , , ,
    Raceway Tack, ,
    Rafter Diamond K Livestock, , ,
    Red Spruce Hollow Equestrian, , , ,
    Red Water Equine Massage Therapy,
    Riverview Stables, Spring Lake, AB, ,
    Robert B. Burko, DVM,
    Robyn Kuhn,
    Rocking Bar Ranch,
    Samantha Mohr,
    Sean G. Archibald, DVM,
    Second Nature Equine Wellness, ,
    Simply Being: Equine Massage Services,
    Spirit Horse Stables Ltd., , , ,
    Steven Douglas Smith, DVM,
    Tamara Turgeon,
    Tanya Hollasch, ,
    Tara Gamble, ,
    Tara Gamble Horsemanship, , ,
    The Equine Artisan Escape, , , ,
    Travis Smyth, DVM,
    Trouw Nutrition Canada – Westlock, AB,
    Tudor Tack Shoppe,
    Val Archer,
    Whitemud Equine Learning Centre Association, , ,


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