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Scott Cieslar of Mad Barn recently appeared on the Canada Horse Podcast by Informed Equestrian to discuss the ins and outs of equine nutrition.

Scott chatted with hosts Nikki and Nadine about the horses’ core nutritional needs and how to design a forage-first feeding plan that is appropriate for pleasure horses all the way to performance athletes.

Scott also takes on some common myths, discusses one of the most frequently overlooked nutrients in the equine diet, and explains how to get a hay analysis.

The group also talk about pasture management, why it’s important to make feed changes slowly for hindgut function, and how boarding facilities should be feeding their horses. And Scott gives a preview of some of the research projects that happen behind the scenes at Mad Barn.

Scott also discusses how his dad’s love of gambling on racehorses first inspired his passion for Standardbreds (and helped him get really good at math).

Canada Horse Podcast - Informed Equestrian | Mad Barn USA