//Mad Barn Founder Scott Cieslar on Why he Started Mad Barn/
Mad Barn Founder Scott Cieslar on Why he Started Mad Barn
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Scott Cieslar founded Mad Barn 20 years ago on a mission to develop the best nutrition solutions for his horses. Unable to find a well-formulated supplement using high-quality ingredients at a fair price, he designed his own balanced mineral & vitamin premix.

From there, a business was born as more and more passionate horse owners came to Scott for help with their own horses’ nutrition.

Scott Cieslar has 20+ years of experience as a professional nutritionist, receiving an MSc in physiology and nutrition from the University of Guelph. He started working on a PhD, but put his degree on hold to run Mad Barn.

Scott has nutrition down to a science, but he’s not just book smart; he’s got horse sense too. Scott grew up surrounded by horses at the “B” tracks of Ontario. He has dedicated his life to better understanding the nutritional requirements of horses and helping horse owners put the latest research into practice.

Learn more about why Mad Barn exists at https://madbarn.com/our-story/