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Mad Barn founder Scott Cieslar sat down with Jess Einwechter of Springen EQ to cover some hot topics in equine nutrition.

Jess is a professional rider and coach from Ontario, Canada and the host of the popular Springen Equestrian podcast.

In this episode, Scott and Jess discuss the importance of a forage-first feeding program for your horse, how to reduce equine ulcers, and how to support your horse’s joint health.

Jess asks Scott about the efficacy of calming supplements, what proper body condition should look like, the needs of metabolic horses and how the environment impacts equine health.

Scott also discusses the one supplement he recommends all horse owners feed to their horses: plain loose salt. Sodium is commonly lacking in the equine diet and feeding 1 – 2 ounces of salt per day is the best way to encourage hydration and reduce the risk of colic.

You’ll also hear Scott talk about why he founded Mad Barn as a way to fund research into equine nutrition through sales of mineral and vitamin supplements.

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