Additive - Feed Database



12% Horse Feed (Producer’s Pride),
12% Sweet Feed (Producer’s Pride),
14% Performance (Running Horse),
Alfalfa Support (Pureform), ,
Alfalfa-Maize™ Cubes (Ontario Dehy Inc.), ,
All-Natural Rice Bran Oil (McCauley’s Equine Formulas), ,
Allzyme SSF (Alltech), ,
Amino Max Extra Strength (Basic Equine Nutrition),
Amino-Fac-41 (Uckele),
AniGest Digestive Enzyme and Probiotic Supplement (Animed), ,
Anti-Flex (Cox Vet Labs),
Apple Chunks (Purina), ,
Apple Cider Vinegar,
Apple Elite Electrolyte (Farnam),
Apple-A-Day Electrolyte (Finish Line Horse Products), , ,
B.C.A.A Complex Powder (Peak Performance Nutrients), ,
Base Mix P55 (Uckele),
Bio-Bloom (Kentucky Equine Research),
Bio-H (Jaapharm), ,
Bio-Quench (Uckele),
Biotime® Hoof and Coat Supplement (McCauley’s Equine Formulas), ,
Biotin 2% (Ukele),
Biotin 220 (Herbs for Horses), ,
Biotin 800 Pellets (Kaeco),
Blueprint Equine Premix GFC (Masterfeeds),
BMZ Supplement (Purina), ,
Brewer’s Yeast,
Bute-Less (Absorbine),
Calf-Manna Performance Supplement (Manna Pro), ,
Camelina Oil (Canpressco), , , ,
Camelina Oil (Smart Earth),
Chaste Berry,
Cimetidine, ,
CM 16-10 Liberty (Nature Belisle),
CocoHoof Pellets (Uckele),
CocoOmega Granular (Ukele),
CocoOmega Oil (Uckele),
CocoSoya Oil (Uckele Health & Nutrition), ,
CocoSun Granular (Uckele),
Complete Plus HA (Basic Equine Nutrition),
Cough Free (Farnam),
Daily Gold Stress Relief (Redmond Equine), ,
Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Root,
DuraPlex (Kentucky Equine Research),
E-5000 (Uckele),
E-5000 (Vita Flex),
Electrolyte Concentrated (Pureform),
Electrovits (Herbs for Horses), ,
Elevate Se (Kentucky Performance Products), , ,
Elite Equine Builder (Elite Three),
EndoAxis EQ (Uckele),
EQ8 Gut Health (Buckeye), ,
EQ8 Performance Gut Health (Buckeye), ,
EQ8 Senior Gut Health (Buckeye), ,
Equerry’s Choice (Equerry’s Horse),
Equerry’s Economy Supplement,
Equi-Base Senior (Uckele),
Equi-Cal (Uckele),
Equi-Ferm XL (Tribute),
Equi-Hoof Complex (Uckele),
Equi-Shine (Doctors Choice Supplements),
Equibility (Hallway),
EquiMin Loose Mineral (Nutrena),
EquiMoss Liberté (Nature Belisle),
Equine AntiFlam (Omega Alpha), ,
Equine Certa-Flx Solution, ,
Equine Choice Turnout (Blue Seal),
Equinyl Combo (Vita Flex),
Equinyl Glucosamine with Hyaluronic Acid (Vita Flex),
Equinyl Joint Formula (Vita Flex),
Equisel-Lyte (Omega Alpha), , ,
EquiShure (Kentucky Equine Research), ,
Equithrive® Original Joint Powder, ,
Everyday Gold Daily Electrolyte (TRM), , ,
Exceed 6-Way Pellet (MVP),
Excell E (Equistro),
Fat N’ Fibre Pellets (Davis Feed & Farm Supply), ,
Feed Beets,
Fibrenergy (Hallway),
Flax Seed – Fresh Ground
FluidFlex (Farman),
Formula4 Feet (Equi Life),
Full Support Mini (Pureform), ,
Glucosamine Plus (PureForm),
GoMax (Farman),
Grass Plus Vitamin & Mineral Block (BUCKEYE Nutrition), , ,
GROSTRONG (ADM Animal Nutrition),
GROWTH Pelleted Horse Feed (BUCKEYE Nutrition), , ,
Growth Pellets (Tribute Equine Nutrition), ,
GTF Chromium (Uckele),
Gut Powder (Uckele)
Hard Keeper (Vita Flex),
Heiro Insulin Resistance Supplement,
Herbal Mune Plus (Uckele)
Hi Fat Hi Fibre Pellets (Sharpe Farm Supplies), ,
Hoof Biotin (Uckele),
Hoof Formula (Kevin Bacon’s Horse Care),
Hoof Helper (The Mill),
Hoof Mender 75 Supplement Pellets (Equimins),
Hoof Power (Mustad), ,
Horse Honey 2X (Uckele),
Horse Shield (Purina),
Horseshoer’s Secret Pelleted Hoof Supplement (Farnam),
Immune Plus (Omega Alpha), ,
Inspire Pacer (Blue Seal),
Inspire Rider (Blue Seal),
Inspire Sport (Blue Seal),
Inspire Strider (Blue Seal),
Integral A+ (Alltech), ,
Kelp Meal,
Levothyroxine, ,
Liqui Lyte (Uckele),
Liquid E (Uckele),
Lone Star Trace MS-051120 (HorseTech),
Loose Horse Mineral GFC (Masterfeeds),
Luminance Fortified Equine Conditioning Supplement (Hallway Feeds), ,
Mare Support (Pureform), ,
Masterlyx All-Purpose Block (Masterfeeds),
Mega E 10,000 Powder (Jaapharm), ,
Micro-Max (Kentucky Equine Research),
Milk & Grow Pellets (Uckele),
Min-A-Vite (Blue Seal),
MIN-AD (Calcium Magnesium),
Mold-Zap Liquid (Alltech)
Moulée Cheval 14% Fibre et Gras – Cubée (Meunerie Soucy)
Moulée Quali-fibre (Nature Belisle),
Multiflex (Multivet USA Inc),
Multiplex (Basic Equine Nutrition),
Nano-E (Kentucky Equine Research),
Nu-Image (Select the Best), ,
Nutrequin Elite (Equistro),
Oat Ground Steam Rolled,
Oatena (Purina),
OBS Radiant Supplement (Ocala Breeders’ Feed and Supply),
Oligosacc (Nature Belisle),
OM 80 (Nature Belisle),
Omega Match Ration Balancing Horse Feed (Purina),
Optimum EQ Bars (BioStar),
Original Yeast YC (Diamond V),
Pegasus Horse Mineral (Pegasus),
Peloton® Yeast Feed Additive (PMI),
Performance Pellets Gold Formula (Bartlett Milling),
Platinum Hoof Support (Platinum Performance), ,
Poly Copper Powder (Uckele Health & Nutrition), ,
Poly Zinc Powder (Uckele Health & Nutrition), ,
Potato Pulp
Power Quench Electrolyte Supplement (Strictly Equine), , ,
Prebiotic and Probiotic (Equine Choice)
PreMare (Omega Alpha), ,
Pro Lyte Powder (Uckele),
Pro-Acta H.A. Equine (Integricare Animal Health), ,
Procreatin 7 Active Dried Yeast (Phileo by Lesaffre),
ProStock® 18% Equine Mineral All-Natural Tub (ProStock Feeds),
Pulmonaire (Herbs for Horses), ,
Pur-A-Plus (Purina), ,
Race 13 (Hallway),
Rapeseed Cake Cold Pressed,
Reasons (Buckeye), ,
Recovery (Vita Flex),
Recovery EQ (Purica Equine), ,
Recovery Plus (Woody’s Horse Nutrition),
Renewal (Purica), ,
Respi-Free™ (Omega Alpha), ,
Restore SR (Kentucky Equine Research),
Safe ‘N Easy Senior (Buckeye), ,
SAFE ‘N EASY Performance (BUCKEYE Nutrition), , ,
Salt (Iodized)
Saport (PMI Nutrition),
Select One Vitamin/Mineral Balancer Pellet (Jones Horse Feeds), ,
Selenium Yeast (Platinum Performance),
Selenium Yeast 600,
Sentinel XT Grow (Blue Seal),
Sharpe 13% Oil Sweet (Sharpe Farm Supplies), ,
Smartbreathe Pellets (SmartPak),
SmartBug-Off (SmartPak),
SmartLamina Pellets (SmartPak Equine), ,
SmartOmega 3 & E Ultra (SmartPak),
SmartVite Thrive Senior (SmartPak), ,
Soluflex (Herbs for Horses),
Soy Whole Full Fat Formal Dehydetreated,
StressDex Electrolytes,
Sucram (Pancosma)
SuperFibra Nature Complement (Purina), ,
SuperSport Amino Acid Supplement (Purina),
Support One (Pureform), ,
Sweet Itch Pellets (Herbs for Horses), ,
TAB (Hallway),
Testos Boost (Omega Alpha), ,
Thyro-L – Levothyroxine Sodium Powder (Lloyd Inc.), ,
Tie-By (AniMed),
Tonix (Celebrite – La Coop),
Tough as Nails (Tribute), ,
Tri Amino (Ukele),
Tri-Acta H.A. (Integricare), ,
U-Balance (Uckele),
Ultra-Flex (Univet®), ,
Ultra-H (Univet), ,
UN-LOCK Race Performance Powder (BRL Equine), ,
UniFlex – Glucosamine HCL (Golden Horseshoe), ,
Vantiox (Omega Alpha)
Vision Focusing & Calming Supplement (Vita Flex),
Vita Plus (Farnam),
Vita-B1 Crumbles (Pharm-Vet), ,
Vita-Min E & Selenium (Farnam),
VITAboost (Herbs for Horses), ,
Vitamin B1 – Thiamine (Herbs for Horses), ,
Vitamin E (Platinum Performance),
Vitamin E Pure (Basic Equine Nutrition),
Weight Builder (Farnam),
Wheat Distillers,
Wheat Hay Brazil Fine Chop,
Winning Touch E-Z Hoof (Blue Seal),
Winning Touch Mixed Hay Min-A-Vite (Blue Seal),
XPC Yeast Culture (Diamond V),
Yea-Sacc® Farm Pack 2X (Alltech),
Yea-Sacc® Farm Pak (Alltech),
Yea-Sacc1026 (Alltech),
Yeast Culture,
Yeast Torula,
Yeast XP (Diamond V),
YuccaPLUS – Yucca Schidigera (ALPEX FEED)
Zena-Min Vitamin Mineral Supplement, ,
ZinMet 100 (Austasia Animal Products),

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