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12-12 Performance Horse (Matrix),
12.5% Beef Ration (Jones Feed Mills Ltd.),
12.5% Exactor Lite – Texturized (Masterfeeds),
12% Fat ‘n’ Fibre (Pellet) (Masterfeeds),
12% Light Performance Texturized (Masterfeeds),
120-6 Horse Pellet (Bartlett Milling),
13% Hi Fat & Fibre Horse Ration Pellet (Floradale Feed Mill Ltd),
14% Equine Developer Pellet (Masterfeeds),
14% Horse Pellet (Top Shelf Feeds),
14% Performance Formula (Triple Crown),
14% Racing Formula (Triple Crown),
14% Senior Textured (Tribute Equine Nutrition),
16% ProFat Horse Ration (Hoffman’s Horse Products),
Alam (McCauley’s Equine Formulas),
Alfa Essentials (Tribute),
Alfa Growth (Tribute Equine),
Alfa Prime (Running Horse),
Alfalfa Advantage (ProElite),
All Grain Feed (Producer’s Pride),
All Phase (Lifeline),
All Phase 20 – Pelleted (Brooks),
All Phase Lite (Lifeline),
All-Phase (Kentucky Equine Research),
Alltrack Texturized (Masterfeeds),
Atlantic 16% Mare & Foal Ration Mash (Co-op),
Atlantic Horse Feed (Co-op),
Blue Ribbon 12+ (Seminole),
Blue Ribbon High Efficiency (Seminole),
Breeding and Growth Formula (Bartlett Milling),
Broodmare & Growth (Lifeline),
CADENCE Textured Feed (BUCKEYE Nutrition), ,
CADENCE™ Ultra Sweet Pelleted Feed (BUCKEYE Nutrition), ,
Caliber Complete Horse Ration (Co-op),
Caliber Mare & Foal Ration (Co-op),
Caliber Performance Horse Ration (Co-op),
Caliber Senior & Special Care Horse Ration (co-op),
Caliber Working Horse Ration (CO-OP),
Carb-Guard – 12% Pelleted Horse Feed (Blue Seal),
CarbCare Performance (Legends ),
CarbCare Show & Pleasure (Legends),
CFS Big’Un 300 (Clarence Farm Services),
CFS Elevate ABF (Clarence Farm Services Limited),
CFS Hay Comp ABF (Clarence Farm Services),
CFS Honesty ABF (Clarence Farm Services Limited),
CFS Horse Chow Checkers ABF (Clarence Farm Services),
CFS Pro Horse 200 ABF (Clarence Farm Services Limited),
CFS Pro Horse 300 ABF (Clarence Farm Services),
CFS Pro’s Choice ABF (Clarence Farm Services),
CFS Racer’s Edge ABF (Clarence Farm Services Limited),
CFS Request ABF (Clarence Farm Services),
CFS Select ABF 30% (Clarence Farm Services Limited),
CFS Stable Edge ABF (Clarence Farm Services),
CFS Sweetena Plus ABF (Clarence Farm Services),
Classic Care Horse Pellets (Lifeline Premium Horse Feeds),
Complement Trio Equin (Meunerie Mondou),
Complete (Triple Crown),
Complete (Woody’s Feed),
Complete Horse Pellets w/ Roughage (Bartlett Milling),
Cool Fusion (Lifeline),
Country Feeds Adult 12 Textured (Nutrena),
Country Feeds Complete (Nutrena),
Country Feeds One for All (Nutrena),
Crypto Aero, , , ,
Crystalyx Stable-Lyx (Masterfeeds),
Crystalyx Sweet 14% (Masterfeeds),
Cut’n Slide (Running Horse Elite Equine Nutrition),
Distinguished (Hallway),
Dry Cob (Producer’s Pride),
Dynasty Event 10/8 Textured (Blue Seal),
Dynasty Pro 14/6 Pellet (Kent Equine),
Dynasty Pro 14/8 Textured (Blue Seal),
Dynasty Senior 14/6 Pellet (Kent Equine),
Dynasty Show 12/6 Pellet (Kent Equine),
Dynasty Show 12/8 Textured (Blue Seal),
Dynasty XT Pro 14/10 Textured Horse Feed (Blue Seal),
Easy Keeper (Woody’s Horse Nutrition),
ecube Complete Senior (Blue Seal),
Edge 14 (Hallway),
Eeze Pro-Plus (Brooks Feeds),
EKG16 (McCauley’s Equine Formulas),
Empower® Topline Balance® Ration Balancer (Nutrena),
EnduroEvent Energy-G (Pennfield Equine),
Enhancer (Brooks Feeds),
EQ16 Texturized (Masterfeeds),
Equi-Cal Pellets (Lifeline Premium Horse Feeds),
Equiforme Liberte (Nature Belisle),
Equilibrium Maternity XT (Purina),
Equilibrium Optimal (Purina),
Equilibrium Sport XT (Purina),
Equilibrium Trimax (Purina),
Equilibrium® XCEL HD (Purina Canada),
Equiline Fat N Fibre (Equiline),
Equiline Shine (Shur-gain),
EquiLix (SweetPro),
Equine Adult® Horse Feed (Purina Mills),
Equine Fat ‘N Fibre (B-W Feed & Seed Ltd.),
Equine Junior® Complete Horse Supplement (Purina Mills),
Equine Senior Active (Purina),
Equine Senior® Complete Horse Feed (Purina Mills),
Equity Blend (Assurance Feed),
Evolution Elite (Purina),
Evolution Juvenile (Purina),
Evolution Maternity (Purina),
Evolution Senior (Purina),
EZ Pellets (Tribute Equine Nutrition),
Fat Smart (Matrix),
Fiberforce (Cavalor),
Fibre et Gras (Meunerie Mondou),
Fibre Max (Lifeline Premium Horse Feeds),
Fibre Max (Matrix),
Fibre O Plus (Brooks),
Fibre Smart (Matrix),
Fibre-Lite Forage Replacer (Brooks),
Fibregized (Pennfield Equine),
Fibregized Omega (Pennfield Equine),
Fibrenergy (Hallway Feeds),
Fibrix – Celebrité (La Coop),
Finisher 14 (McCauley’s Equine Formulas),
Fit & Fibre (Brooks Feeds),
Flax Appeal (Brooks Feed),
Foal & Weanling (McCauley’s Equine Formulas),
Foal Foundation (Tribute Equine),
Foal Starter (Buckeye), ,
Formula 2 Equine Supplement (Dr. Reeds),
Frisky Foal (Masterfeeds),
Futurity Blend 14 (Woody’s Feed),
GenAPro (Trouw),
Genesis Performance Plus (Organic Horse Feed), , ,
Gold Chance 10 (Seminole),
Gold Chance 12+ (Seminole),
Golden Years (Cube) (Masterfeeds),
Grand Circuit (Masterfeeds),
Grand Prix Granola (Pennfield Equine),
GRO ‘N WIN Ration Balancer (BUCKEYE Nutrition), ,
GRO ‘N WIN™ ALFA Ration Balancer (BUCKEYE Nutrition), ,
Grow Colt (Farnam),
Growth (Legends),
Growth (Triple Crown),
Growth Textured (ProElite Horse Feed),
Growth Textured (Tribute),
GROWTH Textured Sweet Feed (BUCKEYE Nutrition), ,
Handimash (Hallway),
Hay Stretcher (Southern States),
Hi-E 11:10 Horse Pellet (Bartlett Milling),
High Energy 11:8 Sweet Horse (Bartlett Milling),
Hoffman’s Developer Ration (Hoffman’s Horse Products),
Hoffman’s Elite Ration (Hoffman’s Horse Products),
Hoffman’s Senior Ration (Hoffman’s Horse Products),
Hoof Care (DuMor),
Horse Chow #100 (Purina Mills),
Horse Chow #200 (Purina Mills),
Horse Maintenance Formula (Bartlett Milling),
Horse Munch (Bartlett Milling),
Horse Pellet 110 Plus (Bartlett Milling),
Ignite – 30% High Fat Supplement (Running Horse),
Impact All Stages 12% Pelleted (Purina),
Impact All Stages 12% Textured (Purina),
Impact All Stages 14% Pelleted (Purina),
Impact All Stages 14% Textured (Purina),
Impact Mature Active Pelleted (Purina),
Impact Mature Active Textured (Purina),
Impact Professional Mare & Foal (Purina),
Impact Professional Performance (Purina),
Impact Professional Senior (Purina),
Inspire Charger (Blue Seal),
Inspire Marathon (Blue Seal),
Inspire Trotter (Blue Seal),
Integrity Adult/Senior (Integrity Horse Feeds),
Integrity Growth (Integrity Horse Feeds),
Integrity Lite (Integrity Horse Feeds),
Integrity Mare & Foal (Integrity Horse Feeds),
Integrity Performance (Integrity Horse Feeds),
Island Horse 12% Maintenance Horse Pellets (Top Shelf Feeds),
Island Horse 14% Senior Horse Pellets (Top Shelf Feeds),
Island Horse 14% Supplement Pellet (Top Shelf Feeds),
JuniorGLO Horse Pellet (ADM Animal Nutrition),
K Finish (Tribute Equine Nutrition),
Kalm N EZ GC Plus (Tribute),
Kalm N EZ Pellets (non-GMO) (Tribute),
Kalm N EZ Pellets (Tribute),
Kalm N EZ Textured (Tribute),
Kalm N’ Fit (Tribute Equine),
Kalm Performer (Tribute Equine),
Kalm Performer GC Plus (Tribute),
Kalm Ultra (Tribute Equine),
Krunch Cubes (Masterfeeds),
Legacy 16% Mare & Foal Ration (CO-OP),
Legacy Growth (Co-op),
Legacy Senior (Co-op),
Leisure (Seminole),
Life Design – Compete (Nutrena),
Life Design – Prime 10 (Nutrena),
Life Design – Prime 12 (Nutrena),
Life Design – Prime 14 (Nutrena),
Life Design – Senior (Nutrena),
Life Design – Youth (Nutrena),
Lite (Triple Crown),
LMF California Complete (LMF Horse Feeds),
LMF Pro-Pellet (LMF Horse Feeds),
LMF Taco (LMF Horse Feeds),
Longevity (McCauley’s Equine Formulas),
Low Intensity Horse Ration Pellets (Rolling Acres),
Low Starch (Triple Crown),
Low Starch Adult/Senior Pellet (Integrity Horse Feed),
M V Balancer Lite (Matrix),
Maintenance Horse Ration (Hoffman’s Horse Products),
Maize Silage Processed 28% DM 45% NDF Medium Chop,
Mare & Foal (Matrix),
Mare & Foal (Running Horse Elite Equine Nutrition),
Mare & Foal (Seminole),
Mare Plus (Farnam),
Mare’s Milk Plus (Buckeye), ,
Mash & Mix (Cavalor),
Mature Horse Pellet (Matrix),
Mature Horse Pellet Feed (Lifeline),
Mature Horse Textured (Matrix),
Mature Horse Textured Feed (Lifeline),
Maturity Pelleted (Tribute Equine),
Min-A-Vit Lite (Blue Seal),
Miniature Horse and Pony (Purina),
Moulee 17.5% Jeunot (Mondou),
Moulee Amazone (Meunerie Mondou),
Moulee Delice (Mondou),
Moulee Extrudee 16% Equiline (Mondou),
Moulee Fibre et Gras (Mondou),
Moulee Junior (Mondou),
Moulee Liberte (Mondou),
Moulee Mustang (Mondou),
Moulee Prodige (Mondou),
Moulee Ration Complete 12% (Mondou),
Moulee Senorita (Meunerie Mondou),
Moulee Tradition (Mondou),
Moulee Vaillante (Mondou),
Mueslimax (Hallway),
Muscle-UP (AniMed),
Naturals Golden Ground Flax (Triple Crown),
Naturals Pelleted Horse Feed (Triple Crown),
Nutripak (Fat & Fibre) (Co-op),
OBS Easy 10 (Ocala Breeders’ Feed and Supply),
OBS Generation (Ocala Breeders’ Feed and Supply),
OBS Gest-O-Lac (Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply),
OBS Hi-Amo Plus (Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply),
OBS Mane 10 (Ocala Breeders’ Feed and Supply),
OBS Pellet Plus (Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply),
OBS Performance Blend (Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply),
OBS Professional Horse Feed (Ocala Breeders Supply),
OBS Racing Blend (Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply),
OBS Sport Feed (Ocala Breeders’ Feed and Supply),
Oleo Special (Purina),
Omega Advantage (ProElite),
Omolene #300® Growth Concentrate (Purina Mills),
Omolene 200 Performance RT (Purina),
Omolene 400 Complete Advantage (Purina),
Omolene 400 Complete Advantage RT (Purina),
Omolene 500 Competition (Purina),
Omolene Maternity 300 (Purina Canada),
Omolene Progression 200 (Purina),
Omolene Senior Action (Purina),
Omolene Sport Plus (Purina),
Omolene® #100 Active Pleasure Horse Feed (Purina Mills),
Omolene® #200 Performance Horse Feed (Purina Mills),
Omolene® #400 Complete Advantage (Purina Mills),
OO16 – Only Oats (Hallway Feeds),
OO16 (Hallway),
Original 12 Pelleted (McCauley’s),
Original 12 Textured (McCauley’s Equine Formulas),
Original 14 Pelleted (McCauley’s),
Original 14 Textured (McCauley’s Equine Formulas),
Original 16 Pelleted (McCauley’s),
Original 16 Textured (McCauley’s Equine Formulas),
Original® 12 Pelleted (McCauley’s Equine Formulas),
Original® 16 Pelleted (McCauley’s Equine Formulas),
Pastime (McCauley’s Equine Formulas),
Pasture Horse 12 (Bartlett Milling),
Patriot Feed Easy Complete (ADM Animal Nutrition),
Patriot Mare & Foal Horse Feed (ADM Animal Nutrition),
Patriot Pellet (Masterfeeds),
Patriot Performance Horse Feed (ADM Animal Nutrition),
Patriot Quick Performance (ADM Animal Nutrition),
Patriot Senior Complete Horse Feed (ADM Animal Nutrition),
Perfomix (Cavalor),
Perform Gold (Triple Crown),
Performance Advantage (Tribute Equine),
Performance Blend – Endurance (Assurance Feed),
Performance Blend – Standard (Assurance Feed),
Performance Pelleted (Woody’s Horse Nutrition),
Performance Pellets Formula (Bartlett Milling),
Performance Textured (ProElite Horse Feed),
Performance Textured (Woody’s Horse Nutrition),
Phase II (Brooks Feeds),
Phase III Elite (Brooks Feeds),
Phase IV (Brooks),
Phase V (Brooks Feeds),
Pianissimo (Cavalor),
Plantation 10 All-Grain (Seminole),
Pleasure Blend (Assurance Feed),
Pleasure Pellet (Buckeye), ,
Pleasure Sweet (Buckeye), ,
Podium Cool Energy – Pellet (Masterfeeds),
Podium Cool Energy Pellet (Masterfeeds),
Poize (Hallway),
Post Time (McCauley’s Equine Formulas),
Power Finish (Tribute),
PowerGLO (ADM Animal Nutrition),
Prep 14 (Hallway),
Prime (Running Horse),
Pro-Plus 12 Sweet (Seminole),
ProAdvantage – Alfalfa Formula,
ProAdvantage – Grass Formula,
ProBreed (Cavalor),
Profecta 10 (Seminole),
Profecta 14 (Seminole),
ProForce Fuel (Nutrena),
ProForce Fuel XF (Nutrena),
ProForce Senior (Nutrena),
ProForce XTN (Nutrena),
PROMINENT Textured Horse Feed (BUCKEYE Nutrition), ,
Protenza (Hallway),
Pure & Simple Balancer (Hallway),
Quantify (Hallway),
RACE ‘N WIN™ Textured Feed (BUCKEYE Nutrition), ,
Race Horse Feed (Lifeline),
Race Ready GT (Purina),
Race Ready® Horse Feed (Purina Mills),
Re-Leve (Kentucky Equine Research),
Re-Leve Sport (Kentucky Equine Research),
Reliance® Pelleted Horse Feed (Southern States),
Reliance® Textured Horse Feed (Southern States),
Resolve (Tribute),
Respond Beet Pulp Formula (Nutrena),
Respond High Grain Formula (Nutrena),
RG 14 (Hallway),
Rice Bran (Triple Crown),
Safe ‘N Easy Complete (Buckeye), ,
SAFE ‘N EASY Pelleted Feed (BUCKEYE Nutrition), ,
SAFE ‘N EASY Textured Feed (Buckeye), ,
Safe Command (No Alfalfa) (Lifeline),
Safe Starch Forage (Triple Crown),
SafeChoice Maintenance (Nutrena),
SafeChoice Mare & Foal Pellet (Nutrena),
SafeChoice Mare & Foal Textured (Nutrena),
SafeChoice Original (Nutrena),
SafeChoice Perform Pellet (Nutrena),
SafeChoice Perform Textured (Nutrena),
SafeChoice Senior (Nutrena),
SafeChoice Senior LM (Nutrena),
SafeChoice Special Care (Nutrena),
Senior (Brooks Feeds),
Senior (Quick Feeds),
Senior (Running Horse Elite Equine Nutrition),
Senior (Triple Crown),
Senior Balancer (Buckeye), ,
Senior Blend (Assurance Feed),
Senior Formula (Bartlett Milling),
Senior Formula (Seminole),
Senior GC Pelleted Feed (BUCKEYE Nutrition), ,
Senior Gold (Triple Crown),
Senior Health & Wellness (Farnam),
Senior Horse (Matrix),
Senior Horse Feed (Lifeline Premium Horse Feeds),
Senior Horse Rations (Jones Horse Feeds),
Senior Pellet (Masterfeeds),
Senior Sport (Tribute Equine Nutrition),
Senior Textured Feed (Pro Elite),
SeniorGLO (ADM Animal Nutrition),
Seniority GC Plus (Tribute Equine),
Seniority Pelleted (Tribute),
Seniority™ Pellet (Tribute Equine Nutrition),
Sentinel Active Senior (Blue Seal),
Sentinel Care Carb-Guard (Blue Seal),
Sentinel Care Equine Choice Topline 30 (Blue Seal),
Sentinel Care Gastric Support (Blue Seal),
Sentinel Care Omegatin (Blue Seal),
Sentinel Grow & Excel GX (Blue Seal),
Sentinel LifeTime (Blue Seal),
Sentinel Performance LS (Blue Seal),
Sentinel Safe Start SS (Blue Seal),
Sentinel Senior SR (Blue Seal),
Sentinel Simply Lite (Blue Seal),
Sentinel XT Show (Blue Seal),
SFS Waldenbridge High Fat Horse Ration Pellets (Masterfeeds),
Sharpe 12% Sweet Feed (Sharpe Farm Supplies),
Simplici-T Concept (Purina),
Simplici-T Fibra (Purina),
Simplici-T Original (Purina),
Simplici-T Pro Grain (Purina),
SmartFlex Rehab Pellets (SmartPak),
Spectrum Choice 14% Horse – Pellet (Spectrum Feed Services),
Speedway (Matrix),
Stabul 1 (Anderson Feed Co),
Stabul 1 Plus (Anderson Feed Co),
Stake Horse (Woody’s Horse Nutrition),
Stallion MAX (Hallway),
Staminoats (Hallway),
Starch Wise (ProElite),
Steady Energy Formula (Bartlett Milling),
Step 1 Start Right (Trouw Nutrition),
Step 2 Peak Extruded (Trouw Nutrition),
Step 2 Peak Sweet (Trouw Nutrition),
Step 3 Classic Sweet (Trouw Nutrition),
Step 8 Hi-Fat (Trouw Nutrition),
Strategy® Professional Formula GX (Purina Mills),
Strucomix Original (Cavalor),
Strucomix Senior (Cavalor),
Summer Heat (Woody’s Horse Nutrition),
Sun Supreme Equine (Field Fresh Feeds),
Super 16 (Hallway),
Super Staminoats (Hallway),
SuperFibra Classic (Purina),
SuperFibra Integri-T (Purina Canada),
SuperFibra Plus (Purina),
SuperFibra Ultra (Purina),
Superforce (Cavalor),
SUPREME™ 10 Pelleted Feed (BUCKEYE Nutrition), ,
SUPREME™ 14 Pelleted Feed (BUCKEYE Nutrition), ,
Sweet 13% Horse Ration Texturized (Floradale Feed Mill Ltd),
Sweet 14% Senior Horse Ration Texturized (Floradale Feeds),
Sweet Cob (Producer’s Pride),
Teff Grass Pellets (Standlee),
ThriveFeed Horse Feed,
Top Breeder (McCauley’s Equine Formulas),
Top Ten (McCauley’s Equine Formulas),
Topline Advantage (ProElite),
Total Equine Essentials (Total Feeds),
Total Equine LNSC (Total Feeds),
Tough To Beet® (Tribute Equine),
Tradition 12 (Hallway),
Trail Mate Sweet Formula (Bartlett Milling),
Trail Mix (Running Horse Elite Equine Nutrition),
Trail Time (McCauley’s Equine Formulas),
Training Formula (Triple Crown),
Tribute Ultra (Tribute Equine Nutrition),
Tribute’s Natural Remedy (Tribute),
Trifecta (Buckeye), ,
Triformance (McCauley’s Equine Formulas),
Triumph Active 12 Pellet (Nutrena),
Triumph Complete (Nutrena),
Triumph Fiber Plus (Nutrena),
Triumph Professional (Nutrena),
Triumph Professional Pellet Horse Feed (Nutrena),
Triumph Professional Textured 14% Horse Feed (Nutrena),
Triumph Senior Horse Feed (Nutrena),
Triumph Textured 10 (Nutrena),
Triumph® Active 12 Textured Horse Feed (Nutrena),
Ultimate Finish 40 (Buckeye), ,
Ultimate Finish SRB+ (Buckeye), ,
Ultimate Recovery (Buckeye), ,
Ultium Gastric Care (Purina),
Ultium Growth Formula Performance Supplement (Purina),
Ultium® Competition Horse Formula (Purina Mills),
Ultra Complete (Tribute),
Ultra Dynamix (Seminole),
Ultra GH (Tribute),
Veloci-T Max (Purina),
Vert Tendre (Mondou),
Victory (Seminole),
Victory! (Seminole),
Vintage Mare & Foal (Blue Seal),
Vintage Versatility (Blue Seal),
Vintage Victory (Blue Seal),
Vintage® Racer (Blue Seal),
Vintage® Sweet (Blue Seal),
Vitality Mare & Foal (Nutrena),
Vitality Perform 10 (Nutrena),
Vitality Perform 12 (Nutrena),
Vitality Perform 14 (Nutrena),
Vitality Ultra (Nutrena),
WB100 (McCauley’s Equine Formulas),
Wellness Calm & Cool® (Seminole),
Wellness Compete Safe (Seminole),
Wellness DynaSport (Seminole),
Wellness Equi-Safe (Seminole),
Wellness Grow Right (Seminole),
Wellness Herbal Blend (Seminole),
Wellness Performance Safe (Seminole),
Wellness Safe & Lite (Seminole),
Wellness Senior Mix (Seminole),
Wellness Show & Sport (Seminole),
Wellness SportHorse (Seminole),
Wholesome Blends Performance (Tribute),
Wholesome Blends Senior (Tribute),
Woody’s Race (Woody’s Horse Nutrition),
Wrangler (BUCKEYE Nutrition), ,

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