The Mill - Feed Database

Feed Name Type ID Protein Fat ADF NDF NSC DE Lys Met Thr Ca P Mg K S Na Cl Fe Zn Cu Mn Se Co I Bio Vit A Vit D Vit E
Additive Commercial Hoof Supplement Minerals Vitamins Pelleted United States 40164044.44%3.33%>11%>30.34%-->3.2 mcal/kg>7.5%>12.5%>0%-------------->127.78 ppm>4866.67 ppm>1222.22 ppm>22.22 ppm>0 ppm>72.22 ppm>33.33 ppm>261.29 ppm>0 KIU>0 KIU>0 KIU
Joint Supplement United States Powdered 636513------------------------------------------------------
Fat Pelleted United States 63647515.26%38.95%>9.06%>25%-->5.71 mcal/kg---------->0.95%------------------------------
Gut Supplement Hoof Supplement Joint Supplement Pelleted United States 63620632.63%4%>8.75%>24.13%-->3.15 mcal/kg>11.43%>11.43%------------------>7425.97 ppm>1856.49 ppm-------->278.47 ppm------
Electrolyte Powdered United States 636168------------------------>24.24%-->19.45%>30 ppm----------------------

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